Trojan Horse
What is trojan Horse and how can you detect and remove Trojans

Learn more about trojans and how the greeks used the trojan horse.

History tells us that the Greeks won the Trojan war by hiding in a huge, hollow wooden horse to sneak into the fortified city of Troy. In today’s computer world, a Trojan horse is another form of Social Engineering attack, which can be used to trick or tempt users into installing a destructive program that masks as a benign application. The Trojan-ware may be in the form of a Java Applet, Java Script, ActiveX control or other form of executable content. Its distribution can be by any means: ftp, web browser file download, email exe attachment, movie, song, etc.

Trojans hold a wide choice of harmful features (malicious programs) such as spying out credit card numbers/passwords and are even capable to destroy all data on your system. Your unwitting action to download the Trojanhorse and install will result in deletion of files from your system, open/expose your web connection to snoopers, share your e-mail information or simply watch for spying purpose whatever you do on computer.

Unlike viruses, Trojanhorse do not replicate themselves but rely on users for their installation. Trojans usually do their damage silently. The first sign of trouble is often when others tell you that you are attacking them or trying to infect them!

Some adware companies have gone as far to create “Advertising Trojan Horse”. Such virus like software programs get stealthily installed on your computer and perform unwanted advertising function resulting in violating your privacy. Advertising Trojans masked with hidden aims and methods get connected to ad-servers behind your back (remotely), consume precious network bandwidth and may even compromise the security of your data. One spyware module has been known to spoof a Windows system process so that it cannot be terminated and does not appear on Windows’ End Task dialogue.

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