Designed to provide protection against malware and spyware that could harm a computer, STOPzilla is a software program that offers a full service option. This software includes the ability to scan and test a computer for malware, Trojans, and other types of spyware and viruses. In addition, the software can protect in real time when browsing Internet Explorer by looking for and stopping phishing websites and pop ups. STOPzilla began its release more than ten years ago as a simple tool for stopping pop ups in internet browsers. Since that time, the software has evolved immensely into a program designed to be full service.


The features of STOPzilla are designed to offer a full service malware blocking option from the moment the malware tries to download on the computer to the moment it has already made its way there and needs to be removed. Here are the features of STOPzilla.

  • Spyware and malware scanning
  • Scan scheduling for regular checks
  • Phishing website blocking
  • Pop up blocking
  • Selection of scan options
  • Root kit and Trojan scanning and blocking
  • Keylogger detection and blocking

In order to provide a full service option, STOPzilla is designed to block not just spyware but also root kits, Trojans, keyloggers, and many other types of malware that could attack a computer. All in all, the software is able to detect the problems fairly well, and the company releases updates on a regular basis to find and identify new types of malware as they are released.

Unique Characteristics

There are a couple of unique characteristics to note about STOPzilla. These characteristics do not often show up in programs of this nature. Unique features of the software include the following:

  • Fast scanning. STOPzilla runs on an average of 15 minutes while most malware programs take more than half an hour.
  • Helpful and free customer service. The phone line can be called at any time and it will connect the user to live customer service that will be able to walk the user through any number of issues such as software that will not install properly or scan failures. Tech support is available for the software over the phone or through live Internet chat windows.
  • Ability to function on multiple browsers including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Ease of Use

Overall, STOPzilla is fairly straightforward to use. The scanning menu will allow a selection of scan options such as full and fast scans. Additionally, there is a scan scheduler that can be set up through the interface. The scheduler does not give the user a great deal of options. Generally, only one type of scan can be scheduled. However, for the average user, this is plenty. Once the browser tool bar is downloaded, the user will not have to do anything. Instead, the software will immediately begin blocking pop ups and warning of phishing sites. The software can be personalized to allow pop ups from certain sites when needed.

Because the tech support is available for free through telephone or chat, the ease of use becomes even easier. Almost any problem can be addressed and rectified through a step by step manner by the tech support team available at any time.


STOPzilla is a basic, straightforward option for full malware protection and scanning. This software can be helpful in finding and blocking many different types of malware, from keyloggers to Trojan viruses. The software does not necessarily have a reputation for blocking some of the more difficult threats, but it does a good overall job or protecting computer systems. The shining star of the software would be tech support, which is available at any time of the day at no cost to the user.

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