Spyzooka is a spyware software that provides a number of different functions. With this software, a user will find it easy to scan incoming emails to prevent problems long before they ever have a chance to cause a problem. Additionally, Spyzooka is a helpful tool in preventing spyware and malware from coming in through the Internet.

There are many different spyware scanning software options out there which tout themselves as being all in one. Unfortunately, it seems that many of these options only provide mediocre work in each area that they are said to cover. Thoroughness is sacrificed for providing options. This is not the case in Spyzooka. Instead, this software is designed to do one job and it does not take on anything else. This tool is simply for removing spyware. It will not do anything else. That means the spyware scanner has gathered much more attention by the developers and it is quite thorough at doing its job.


When it comes to considering Spyzooka, it is important to know the features of the software, but it is also important to know what the software cannot do. As mentioned, this is a spyware scanner and nothing else. Here are the features that a user can expect from the software.

  • Scanning, removal, protection and prevention of spyware
  • Email scanning
  • Internet browser scanning
  • Prevention of common malware, including some viruses and Trojan viruses as well
  • Automatic updating
  • A selection of scan options, including background scanning that uses few resources
  • A Scan scheduler

As far as what Spyzooka does not do, it is important to note this as well. Because this is a spyware only tool, it will not block many types of malware. In addition, Spyzooka cannot handle more obscure types of malware that may be harder to find. The software does not look for and block phishing, drive by downloads, root kits, and registry errors.

Unique Characteristics

Of course, the main unique characteristic of Spyzooka would be email scanning. Because this is a pared down software and because it is considered barebones, many people find the email scanning function to be surprising. However, this is a very helpful tool. Through this option, Spyzooka will scan all incoming emails before the user even sees them. This will avoid any unfortunate accidental downloads of malware.

Another characteristic of Spyzooka would be its ability to run in the background. Instead of using up resources and slowing down a computer, the software will run without many resources and will allow the user to continue using the computer in other manners while the scanner is at work. Additionally, Spyzooka is considered to be extremely fast. In fact, it tops the list of speed for spyware scanners even on its most thorough mode. This makes it much more quick and easy to scan for and remove any harmful spyware on the computer.

Ease of Use

The platform on which Spyzooka runs is fairly straightforward. Because this software is considered barebones, it does not include any bells and whistles that could be overwhelming or frustrating for new users. The basic interface of Spyzooka is straightforward enough that beginner computer users should not have a problem running the software. Technical support is available through email as well as on the phone, although a user manual is not available for the software.


Spyzooka is a stripped down software option for those who need nothing more than scanning for spyware. However, the software does have a few surprising features, such as its ability to scan incoming emails. This spyware scanner can help to prevent malware and it is useful in cleaning up infected computers as well.

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