What is spyware and how can you remove spy-ware?


Of late computers are being exposed to new threat called spyware, a kind of loosely defined collection of malicious software codes, spy-ware, that even anti virus software does not as of yet detect. This technology is designed to footprint your movements on the Internet, generate statistics of what activities you carry out on your computer, and in worst case, practically hijack your web connections to direct you to pages that you did not ask for. Users are therefore required to exercise vigilance on the spyware as ignoring it would result in risking theft of passwords, financial information and the hackers gaining remote control over your system.

Advertised as Freeware or Adware, Spyware install in your computer, generally without your realization, other programs that run in the background collecting data about what web sites you go to, your personal information, the games you play, the software you use, etc, all without your permission. The software will then send this information back to the creator’s servers where it is collected. In some instances, your employer, spouse or even a complete stranger may have installed a key-logger program (a type of Spyware) on your PC and may be secretly recording/spying everything you do.

Users are normally ignorant that spyware programs are being installed on their computers and often unable to uninstall/remove them. These programs can alter the facade of websites; modify users’ “start” and “search” pages in their browsers, or change low-level system settings. They are often responsible for significant reductions in computer performance and system stability. In many cases, consumers are mistakenly led to believe that the problem is with another application or with their Internet provider, placing a substantial burden on the support departments of providers of those legitimate applications and services.

Spy-ware Removal

There are many products available that are able to detect and delete Spy-ware on your computer. The proper approach will be to visit web sites those list such vendors. Usually these sites will also provide you a step-by-step course of action for removing the Spyware. It is imperative to follow these steps exactly. If you try to delete it on your own you may accidentally leave the program that is sending information in your computer. The Free spyware removal articles shows you a step by step guide on how to remove different spyware and adware from your computer manually. Recommended for educational purpose only.

Tips for user’s awareness before removal of spyware and adware from the computers:



  • Removal programs do not stand guarantee to find all malicious programs. Perhaps it will remain a ongoing process and will not advert your computer from the repeated attack of spy-ware or adware.
  • Removing spyware and adware from a terribly infected machine is a risky task as the removal may cause some useful programs to stop working. In such cases you to reformat the computer and reinstall the operating system and program
  • After you remove spy-ware from your computer, some programs may not run because their advertisement component has been removed. This usually affects peer-to-peer, media, or file sharing programs, but can sometimes interfere with other applications such as Eudora in sponsored mode.
  • Spyware detection and removal programs typically have update capabilities, but they do not alert you when there are new software updates available. You will need to manually check for updates to your software.

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