find and block spyware and adware with spy-killer software


SpyKiller spyware removal software is an ultimate spy software / spyware and adware detector, remover, and shield. This spyware and adware scanner detects and removes 10,000+ of the top spyware and adware parasites found on the Internet. You can autoscan your computer on start-up (Windows). The SpyList is updated every day, and you can update it with the click of a button.

SpyKiller also includes a password protected stealth feature, which allows you to hide the Spy Killer program on the hard drive from other users of your PC.

Spy Killer’s shield feature prevents certain spyware / adware from being installed on your PC. This unique feature works even while Spy Killer is running silently in the background in stealth mode.

Included in SpyKiller is a free unlimited-use version of Best Popup Killer(tm), which comes with the extra ability of killing ‘unfathered popups’ or adware popups, as well as the new popup technology developed by Claria (Gator/GAIN).

SpyKiller Features:


  • SpyKiller scans your entire PC including Memory, Windows Registry, and All Drives using a database made up of thousands of known spyware threats.
  • SpyKiller owners receive seamless updates to protect you against the new spyware app. ensuring ongoing protection from new threats, which emerge daily.
  • SpyKiller leaves you in control by quarantining any files or file traces that match the threat database. Quarantining disables spyware functionality for immediate protection, while giving you the option to review and permanently delete suspect files or safely restore them if they are essential to the operation of desirable applications.
  • You can create a backup before deletion in case you change your mind.



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