SpyHunter is a feature rich anti malware program with tools that allow ease of use while being quite efficient in the job that it has set out to do. Unfortunately, when the program first came into existence, it garnered a bad reputation quickly. Due to some underhanded advertising methods employed by the maker of SpyHunter, the softwarespyhunt-box was considered malware itself. However, this is not the case. When a user is choosing the right anti malware program, it is important to consider this software for its effective and straightforward method of detecting and eliminating spyware along with numerous other malware issues that could harm a computer.

SpyHunter is designed to be a full service software option. It is capable of not just detecting but also eliminating such problems as adware, spyware, key loggers, Trojans, worms, pop ups, phishing sites, backdoor programs, and more. The software is not incredibly in depth in options and choices for the advanced user, but it is very thorough in doing its job.


SpyHunter includes a number of features that allow the software to provide full scale protection against a number of different malware issues. The features themselves basically revolve around the program’s ability to both scan and destroy malware, but there are also a few features designed to enhance user experience. Here are the features to be expected of SpyHunter.

  • Scanning, detection, and destroying of spyware and adware
  • Detection of key loggers as well as browser hijacking
  • Scanning and detection of suspicious registry entries
  • Scanning and detection of root kits, Trojans, and worms
  • Pop up blocker and real time phishing scanning and blocking
  • Automatic updates
  • Full service scan scheduler

The features of SpyHunter ensure that the software will keep computers clear of all sorts of malware. This software is sufficient at protecting against new threats and destroying threats already in existence. There are a couple of potential problems to note of SpyHunter. To begin with, the software is a bit of a resource hog. It could slow a computer down and it may not function well on older computers. Additionally, updates do not come out frequently, which could leave a computer open to newly created threats.

Unique Characteristics

Because SpyHunter is an efficient method of scanning, preventing, and clearing up malware on a computer, it does have a couple of unique features. These features are certainly worth noting, especially those who want more advanced control of the computer and the spyware program.

  • The software includes complete reporting. The reports available make it easier for the advanced user to have control of how the software handles clean up of existing issues.
  • A gaming mode is available. This will limit the resources used by SpyHunter so that the computer can still be used to watch movies, play games, download large files, and use image editing software without being slowed down.

Ease of Use

Overall, SpyHunter is a straightforward program. Beginner computer users will find it easy to use the software since it includes a basic interface and it includes full scale scheduling. In addition, since the software includes reporting tools, SpyHunter can also be used for advanced computer users. Technical support is available for the software both in email and online chat so that any user can get step by step help with setup or use of the program.


Overall, SpyHunter is a sufficient program for providing overall spyware and malware scanning, blocking, and destroying. There are some concerns about speed of updates, but other than that, the software continues to show efficiency at providing both prevention and protection through a straightforward platform that can run on most newer computers.





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