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Editors choice and best in test: Webroot Spysweeper


The webroot spy sweeper review: Don’t get caught without protection from harmful spyware that invades your privacy and can lead to identity theft. Spy Sweeper protects you where your firewall and antivirus software can’t by detecting and safely removing Spyware, Trojans, adware, key loggers, and system monitors. And ALL-NEW Active Shields effectively block dangerous spyware before it enters and infects your system.

An advanced detection process, fueled by frequent threat updates allow Spysweeper to immediately adapt to rapidly morphing spies for more timely anti-spyware protection. It quickly finds and quarantines all forms of spyware installations so you can safely clean your PC without the risk of harming key PC operations. When webroot SpySweeper detects a spyware or adware component on your computer, the program provides you with a brief description and a severity analysis. You can decide what to do with the object-keep, delete, or quarantine. Since removing some spyware components can cause some depending programs to stop working, Spy Sweeper offers the option to quarantine (or disable) spyware, preventing the spy from functioning, but still allowing you access to the program that came bundled with the component.

Several valuable customization options come with SpySweeper. For example, you can choose when and which portions of your computer to scan, you may opt to prevent spyware from changing your Internet settings, and you can set up the scanner to ignore specific components that you have decided to keep on your computer.

Innovative Spy Sweeper features:


  • Simple and Easy-to-use – One-click starts sweeping for covert spyware, providing powerful protection to novice and power users alike.
  • Proactive Protection – Real-time System Shields are designed to stop known spyware before it gets onto your computer, and cripple new threats before they engage in destructive behavior. Browser shields protect against redirected web searches, unauthorized favorites list additions, and homepage hijackers. The system shields prevent spies from installing on your system.
  • Smart Sweepers and Smart Definitions – SpySweeper is armed with a comprehensive spyware threat database to sniff out and eradicate more than 30,000 spyware traces. For ongoing protection against ever-evolving spyware, Spy Sweeper offers a fee-based subscription service that provides the most advanced security available through seamless updates to new definitions as they emerge. The database defines the category of spyware (adware, keylogger, Trojan, homepage hijacker, etc.), spyware program capabilities, methods of infection (freeware download, drive-by download, third-party installation, etc.), risk analysis, and recommended action.
  • Flexible removal timing- Spy Sweeper adapts to the sophistication of a spy and determines the best time to remove it – offering a powerful tool against tough, recurring malware that can only be removed at certain times, for example, from the hard drive during a system reboot.
  • Safe spyware quarantine- If any files or traces of spyware match the threat definitions database, Spy Sweeper immediately quarantines them. Quarantining disables spyware functionality for immediate protection, while giving you the option to review and permanently delete suspect files or safely restore them if they are essential to the operation of desirable applications.
  • Timesaving custom configuration options-Users may pick and choose what programs and files and folders to scan, and schedule automatic sweeps at a desired time, or simply choose the Sweep Now button to perform a manual sweep for spyware. Progress bars clearly illustrate where you are in the sweeping process and how much time remains before your sweep for spyware and adware is complete.
  • Spyware Management Tools – Spy Sweeper eliminates the need to research a spy more than once. Any time a piece of spyware or adware is found on your system, you can add it to the ‘Always Keep’ or ‘Always Remove’ list.


Backed by a trusted company like Webroot, fully equipped with the resources to offer the highest levels of support, Spy Sweeper is a highly recommended total anti-spyware solution to have in your arsenal.

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