SpyEye is one of the dangerous Trojan horse that take the opportunity of security loop holes especially in those computers that are not update and they have many security lapses in its many platforms like java, adobe flash, browsers, and PDF vulnerabilities. This is very nasty malicious program that include many different types of modules that attack on the computer to get different types of information like keyloggers, screen grabs, credit card grabbers, proxy components, upload file information control and may others.

These Trojan parasites take over the data of computer and start sending these pieces of information to its command and control server supervised and monitored by the hackers. This is very nasty and rogue software for many financial institutes, banks, and normal user of account of these institutes. It keeps sending reports and even videos of the activity of a person on the computer through its different modules and thus making his personal and credit card information very vulnerable to heavy loss and damage. This software drops its executable files and modules at many different locations and cannot be easily detected and removed. The typical location of this set of rogue modules is placed at C:\with the names it executes; and keeps this folder mostly hidden so that it cannot be detected easily.

SpyEye malware with its all modules exploits your personal information, your surfing behavior, and credit information to remote server that can be used for many malicious activities. It needs to be removed immediately from your computer by following procedure.

Procedure to Remove SpyEye Trojan horse Manually

The procedure is stepwise and easy to follow but an expert level knowledge is required to carry out this activity.

  • Stop the processes suspected process on your computer before you move for elimination of root directories and registry keys.
  • You need to hit ALT+CTR+DEL → click on process
  • choose following processes
    • windowseep.exe
    • syscheckrt.exe
    • cleansweep.exe
    • Right Click on above mentioned processes and click ‘End Process’ one by one.
    • After stopping the processes, you need to remove registry key pertaining to this rogue Trojan
    • Click Start → Run → Type ‘regedit’ → Hit Return
    • Locate following registry keys
      • HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run syscheckrt.exe
      • Select above mentioned registry key, right click and select ‘Delete/ Remove’
      • Once you remove the registry key in registry editor, you need to remove all those files and folders that are suspected for this Trojan as given below.
        • c:\syscheckrt\syscheckrt.exe
        • collectors.txt
        • cleansweep.exe
        • windowseep.exe
        • Typical locations %ExecutableName%\ %ExecutableName%.exe
        • webinjects.txt
        • You need to remove all files mentioned in above step.
        • Now restart your computer
        • Recheck all three things that you worked on i.e. Processes, Registry, Files /Folders
        • Once you verified that there is no suspicious malware on your computer, you are done with removing of SpyEye Trojan

This activity is an advance activity and need to be carried out by expert technicians otherwise your system may get instable due to removal of registries and files.

Removal Procedure of SpyEye Trojan Parasite from Your Computer

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