For users who are interested in finding a basic method of protecting their computer from spyware and malware, NoAdware has a number of advantages. This software is not an advanced, full featured option. Instead, it offers the basics. Those basics would be protecting computers through scanning for existing issues and preventing future issues. Unfortunately, because of similar named products, NoAdware did gain the reputation as being a scam. However, this is not the case. Instead, the product is simply not as well known as other anti spyware choices. This does not change the ability of the software and its appeal for new computer users.

NoAdware is basic and straightforward, offering simple tools through a very simple interface, making it a good option for new computer users or those computer users who just want the basics.


Because it is a simple tool, NoAdware is not necessarily feature rich. However, it does include a number of features and abilities of note. This software is a helpful program at preventing downloads that could include adware and other types of malware. Below are the features that can be expected when making use of this software program:

  • Scanning and detection of spyware and adware
  • Virus scanning, detection, and removal
  • Spam blocking and email scanning
  • Real time Internet scanning
  • Built in registry cleaner
  • Straightforward set up
  • Scan scheduler
  • A number of scan options including deep scan, full scan, and quick scan
  • Constant updating on a daily basis
  • Cross platform friendly. No Adware can work with Windows Vista and newer.

Unique Features

Perhaps the most unique feature of NoAdware would be that the software is made to be as straightforward as possible. It does not include a number of bells and whistles. Because of this, the software is an excellent choice for those who have trouble understanding how to use computers. NoAdware is simple and can be used by almost anyone.

Another unique feature of NoAdware would be that it includes a full service registry cleaner. This registry cleaner will often detect problems and remove them more than any other software could. However, some advanced users may find that the registry cleaner may go a little over board, cleaning things that may not need to be cleaned.

Ease of Use

The shining star of NoAdware would be the ease of use. This spyware tool is designed to be as easy to use as possible and this is created through a very straightforward interface. Unlike other spyware scanners, NoAdware features only the basics to provide spyware scanning, prevention and removal. The interface is designed to work on a very simple step by step basis. This way, the software is easy to use for anyone. Additionally, technical support is available on the telephone and through email should any concerns, problems or questions arise.


NoAdware is not the spyware software for someone who is looking for bells and whistles. This software does not include a wide variety of high tech features and it will not provide total user control for seasoned computer users. However, for those who need an efficient and straightforward option, NoAdware could be useful. This software is quite efficient at finding adware, spyware and other malware. In addition, it is a useful virus scanner and prevention tool. Auto scheduling and scan selections will allow NoAdware to provide users with a completely hands off method of protecting a computer. Whole NoAdware may provide little to no bells or whistles, it does offer a straightforward and easy to use method of finding, removing, and blocking almost any type of malware that could arise on a computer.

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