McAfee AntiSpyware

Many people have heard of McAfee AntiSpyware, most specifically because the trial version comes pre installed on hundreds of computers sold every day. This anti spyware program does have a number of positives to be considered. For example, the software includes a built in firewall that can be quite useful at protecting computers that are constantly connected to the Internet. McAfee AntiSpyware is designed to provide prevention of malware as it comes along to computers that are relatively clean to start with. However, it is not necessarily the best option for severely infected computers since it is not as good at cleaning up as it is at preventing.

There are a number of things to consider as far as McAfee AntiSpyware for malware prevention. Because it is a preinstalled program for many people, it is often the program of choice. However, determining if it is the right program should be based on features and options that it includes.


Of course, the main feature of McAfee AntiSpyware would be its ability to detect and prevent malware from ever making it to the computer. However, the software does include a number of other features to consider. Below are the main features that will be found in this software:

  • Full scale protection from more than just malware
  • Built in personal firewall for computer protection
  • Network management
  • Data shredder to ensure that all data is truly deleted from the computer
  • Scanning and prevention of adware as well as spyware
  • Blocking of pop ups and phishing sites
  • PC tune up tools which will scan registries and roots to find problems and old files
  • Real time Internet scanning
  • Real time email scanning

Unique Characteristics

McAfee AntiSpyware is very unique in its ability to avoid taking up computer resources. Most anti spyware programs will slow down any computer and they may not work well while other features are running on the machine. However, McAfee AntiSpyware is long recognized as using the least resources of any option. This means that the user can do virtually anything on the computer even when the software is performing a full scan.

Another unique characteristic of McAfee AntiSpyware would be the fact that it offers tools and features that are usually only found in full scanning suites. This software includes everything from firewalls to PC tools all wrapped up in a basic spyware scanner.

Ease of Use

In most ways, McAfee AntiSpyware is quite easy to use. Scans can be set up based on user preference and they can be scheduled as needed. Because the software includes a number of different protection options, the software can be quite straightforward even for the beginner. Because McAfee AntiSpyware is made mostly to prevent new threats, it can be frustrating for veteran users who are working to clean up machines with a number of threats already in existence. The software offers full service technical support that can be reached via the telephone, through email, and through live chat on the website when problems should arise or when the user simply needs help setting up the software or scanning the computer.


McAfee AntiSpyware is a well known scanner because it is so widely used as a preinstalled option. The spyware scanner does have many positives. It comes with a number of features that would not be found in other spyware scanner options. The scanner is very useful at helping to prevent new threats as they come along. However, McAfee AntiSpyware may not be the best choice for severely infected machines since it may have trouble removing these infections. All in all, the software has a number of options that are sure to help prevent all types of malware.

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