The Win 32/BeeboneHZ Trojan Downloader is a malicious application designed to target the millions of windows based computer users. The basic purpose this dangerous Trojan virus is to steal the important personal information of the targeted user. Once it is installed on any computer, it has the ability to remain resident, and disables the antivirus program, and other security tools to provide access to other malicious applications. The Win 32/BeeboneHZ Trojan Downloader has the ability to destroy your system permanently. The main feature of this dangerous Trojan is, it hides itse4lf in a manner that it is not easy to locate and detect it even for the advanced level computer users. Once it is installed on your computer, it keeps displaying the annoying pop-up ads continuously, and redirects all your searches to the desired websites. You have to keep in mind that the Win 32/BeeboneHZ Trojan Downloader install itself automatically without the prior consent of the user, and it changes the browser settings including the home page, desktop background, privacy settings, and default search engine.


Manual Removal of Win 32/BeeboneHZ Trojan Downloader

After getting infected from the Win 32/BeeboneHZ Trojan Downloader, you need to remove it quickly. There are various different ways to get rid of this tricky Trojan application. Mostly people prefer to choose the automatic Win 32/BeeboneHZ Trojan Downloader removal tool, but you can also remove this through the manual removal method which consists of the following steps:-


Restart the Computer in Safe Mode

You have to restart the computer in safe mode before start removing any associated data of this virus. In this regard you have to press F8 key while your computer is restarting, and when you are able to view the boot options, you have to choose the safe mode before hitting the enter key.


Kill the Associated Process

Once your computer is started in the safe mode, now it becomes possible for you to end the malicious processes running in the background. In this regard, you have to simply start the task manager through Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys, and once the task manager started, you need to click on the Processes tab, and delete all the associated processes.


Unregistered and Delete Files and Folders

After killing the processes, you need to unregister the following dll files:-

  • windivx.dll
  • stream32a.dll
  • vipextqtr.dll
  • ecxwp.dll

After this you also need to delete the following associated files:-

  • windivx.dll
  • stream32a.dll
  • vipextqtr.dll
  • ecxwp.dll


Delete Associated Registry Entries

Once you are done with the suspicious and associated files, you have to clean the windows registry. In this regard, you have to start the registry editor by going into the start menu, choosing Run, writing “RegEdit”, and pressing “OK”. When the registry editor is started, you have to find and delete the following registry values:-

  • 7a329404de21925daacbbbee093ff6dc
  • bb5be1c92c299a1c6bcfe67655b0a0c7
  • 9a9f57899a28547b04fc2da3700c95cf
  • 7d4b39e4cab018496e2fe9bf9c3234b2


After getting rid of the above mentioned registry values, you need to close the registry editor, and restart the computer in the normal mode.


How to Remove Win 32/BeeboneHZ Trojan Downloader?

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