Mostly it is downloaded without prior consent of the user, and it comes through the freeware, free videos, and social media offer from unknown publishers. It has the ability to change your crucial settings such as homepage and default search engine. The search helper becomes your default search engine which keeps redirecting you towards certain malicious websites. This is a trap that cyber criminals designed to record the personal financial information of the user which then used in the online frauds. Besides that, the other purpose of this malicious application is to make commissions by selling the online products. Once it is detected on your computer, you need to get rid of this tricky browser hijacker as soon as possible.



Manual Removal of Search Helper Extension

In order to remove this so called browser helper extension from your windows based computer you need to understand that the manual removal is not only a complicated process, but risky also. If you are basic or new computer users, we recommend you to select any automatic removal tool. For advanced level computer users, the manual removal process consists of the following steps:-


Restart the Computer in Safe Mode with Command Prompt

First of all you need to restart the computer in safe mode with command prompt. In this regard, you have to restart the PC, and use F8 key to navigate towards boot options where you have to select the safe mode with command prompt and hit the enter key.


Uninstall the Search Helper Extension

Once your computer restarts in the safe mode with command prompt, now you are able to uninstall this malicious application through the control panel. In this regard, you have to go to the start menu where you need to select the control panel. In the control panel you are able to see the various options out of which you have to click on the “Add/Remove Programs” feature, and uninstall the Search Helper Extension.


Remove From Internet Explorer

In order to remove from this malware from the Internet Explorer you have to open the Internet Explorer window, and click on the tools where you can see the Manage Add-on option. When you click on that you have to select the toolbar and extension options, and uninstall the Search Helper Extension file. Restart the browser to complete the removal process.

Remove From Mozilla Firefox

Start the Firefox browser, click on the “tools”, select “add-ons”, and then “extensions” to remove the Search Helper Extension files. Restart the browser to see the effect of changes.


Remove From Google Chrome

Start the Google Chrome, and click on the wrench icon. Navigate towards the “Settings”, and then select “Extensions” from the drop down list, and delete or disable the Search Helper Extension files. Restart the Chrome to see the effect of changes you have made.

How to Remove Search Helper Extension?

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