The is considered as one of the most dangerous virus that has the ability to attack a number of systems at once. This malicious application has been developed to redirect the users towards certain malicious websites where they are encouraged to buy unauthentic products. The main task of the is to redirect the users; therefore, it only attacks the browser and internet settings of the computer. However, as this malware occupies most of the resources of the infected computer; therefore, the speed of the computer slows down considerably. Mostly the computers got infected with this tricky virus when they try to visit unsecure websites, or click on the tempting ads on the social media  websites.

Manual Removal of

Once your computer becomes a victim of Obfuscatorjavascript, you need to get rid of this as soon as possible either by using an automatic tool, or by using the following steps if you prefer the manual removal method.

Reboot Your Computer in Safe Mode

You have to start the computer in safe mode in order to stop the running script of this malicious application, otherwise you cannot delete the registry entries, and end the associated processes. In this regard you need to restart the computer, and press F8 key. This will take you towards boot option menu from where you have to choose a safe mode option, and hit the Enter key.

End the Processes

Once you have started the computer in safe mode, you have to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to start the task manager. When you are able to see the task manager window on your screen, you have to click on the Processes tab, and identify the associated process of Obfuscatorjavascript. You have to select each suspicious process one by one, and hit the End Process button. When you End all the related processes, this virus is unable to perform its malicious activities.

Uninstall the Program

The next step is, you have to uninstall this malicious application by using Add/Remove Programs function in the control panel. When you click on the Add/Remove Programs, you can see all the programs installed on your computer, and after identifying the malicious software, you have to click on Uninstall/Remove button to get rid of this dangerous application.

Deleting Registry Entries

Finally you need to delete the registry entries associated with this malicious application. In this regard you have to click on the “Start” button, choose “Run”, type “RegEdit”, and press “OK” button. This will open the registry editor where you can find and remove the following malicious registry entries that are related to the Obfuscatorjavascript.

  • HKLM \Software\Microsoft/Internt Explorer\Low Rights\RunDLL32Policy\f3ScrCtr.dll
  • HKLM \Software\Microsoft/Windows\Current Version\Run
  • HKLM \Software\Microsoft/Internt Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser| {numbers}


After deleting the above mentioned suspicious registry entries, you have to close the registry editor, and restart your computer to check the effectiveness of the manual removal process. Once you are able to get rid of this tricky malware, you have to make sure that this will not going to infect your PC in the future by upgrading yoru current antivirus program. .

How to Remove
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