The MyFunCards is a malicious application which is categorized as a toolbar. Once it is installed on any computer, it has the ability to disturb the normal working of the users, and there are reports that it contains malicious code which is used to run pop-up ads and unwanted promotional activities on the screen of the user. It is actually a browser ad-on which is considered as highly dangerous. It presents itself as a legitimate application which helps you in choosing and creating the e-cards, but actually it is a trap to steal your important personal information.  Once you install it on your computer, you will be sick of thousands of unwanted pop-up ads. Besides that, this malicious application will also run fake scans on your computer and show fake results that your computer is at high risk. When you try to remove these errors, they ask you to buy the licensed version of the antivirus program which is also a trap. Once you have found that your computer is compromised, you need to get rid of this application quickly.

Manual Removal Process of MyFunCards

When you are able to know that this malicious toolbar is resident on your computer, you need to remove it with the help of any reliable automatic tool, or by following the below mentioned instruction for manual removal:-

Delete the Malicious Processes

First of all you have to delete the associated processes of this malicious application. The running processes are visible in the processes option of the windows task manager, where you have to find and delete the following malicious processes. The task manager can be started by holding the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys together.

  • 5mauxstb.dll
  • 5mbar.dll
  • 5mbarsvc.exe
  • 5mbprtct.dll
  • 5mbrmon.exe
  • 5mbrstub.dll
  • 5mdatact.dll
  • 5mdlghk.dll
  • 5mdyn.dll
  • 5mfeedmg.dll
  • 5mhighin.exe
  • 5mhkstub.dll
  • 5mhtmlmu.dll
  • 5mhttpct.dll
  • 5midle.dll
  • 5mieovr.dll
  • 5mimpipe.exe
  • 5mmedint.exe
  • 5mmlbtn.dll
  • 5mmsg.dll
  • 5mPlugin.dll
  • 5mradio.dll
  • 5mregfft.dll
  • 5mreghk.dll
  • 5mregiet.dll
  • 5mscript.dll
  • 5mskin.dll
  • 5msknlcr.dll
  • 5mskplay.exe
  • 5mSrcAs.dll
  • 5mSrchMn.exe
  • 5mtpinst.dll
  • 5muabtn.dll
  • CrExtP5m.exe
  • NP5mStub.dll

Delete the Files and Folders

When you are done with the processes you need to delete the associated files as well as folders. In this regard, you have to use the file explorer, and locate the following files to delete them with the help of Delete key:-

  • C:\Program Files\MyFunCards_5m
  • C:\Program Files\MyFunCards_5mEI

Delete Registry Entries

In the end you have to get rid of the following associated registry entries by using the registry editor:-

  • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\MyFunCards_5m
  • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\MyFunCards_5m.SkinLauncher
  • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\MyFunCards_5m.SettingsPlugin
  • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\MyFunCards_5m.ScriptButton
  • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\MyFunCards_5m.Radio
  • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\MyFunCards_5m.PseudoTransparentPlugin
  • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\MyFunCards_5m.MultipleButton
  • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\MyFunCards_5m.HTMLPanel
  • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\MyFunCards_5m.HTMLMenu
  • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\MyFunCards_5m.FeedManager
  • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\MyFunCards_5m.DynamicBarButton
  • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{04bdd2be-51e9-4031-a7a7-b882b3abea12}

When you are done, you have to close the registry editor, and restart the computer in the normal mode to see the effectiveness of the manual removal method.

How to Remove MyFunCards?
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