The MsgPlus! Toolbar is a malicious application that is designed in a way that it presents itself as a legitimate toolbar which can be useful in searching anything on the internet. However, in reality it is a scam that is designed to fool people. Once it is installed on any system, the behavior of the default browser changes completely, and the user will not perform browsing tasks at all. Besides that, this malicious application uses most of the computer resources due to which the performance of the system decreased manifolds. The MsgPlus! Toolbar redirects all your searches towards a website “” where you are encouraged to buy fake products. Often this malware asks users that they received a prize, and they required to submit their personal details such as name, ids, bank account details, and credit card details to receive the prize. Many of your browser settings including privacy options are changed once this virus infects your PC.

Manual Removal of MsgPlus! Toolbar

The MsgPlus! Toolbar threat can be removed from your computer manually, however, the chances of success of manual removal effort depends on how well you are able to identify and remove the malicious processes, associated files, and corrupt registry entries.

Restart the Computer in Safe Mode

First of all, you need to restart your computer in safe mode instead of normal mode. In this regard, you have to restart the machine as you normally do, press F8 key, and when you can see the boot menu options, select safe mode to start the computer in safe mode.

Kill the Malicious Processes

After restarting the computer in safe mode, you have to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys together to start the windows task manager, and kill the malicious processes associated with the MsgPlus! Toolbar. Once the task manager started, you have to select Processes options and find as well as delete the following:-

  • MsgPlusLive-410.exe

  • msgpl_54a4.exe

  • msgplusloader.dll

  • msgplush.dll

  • msgplusres.dll

  • defaultlg.dat

  • lang_francais.ini

  • lang_catala.ini

  • lang_dansk.ini

  • lang_estonian.ini

  • lang_suomeksi.ini

  • lang_deutsch.ini

  • lang_italiano.ini

  • lang_norsk (bokmal).ini

  • lang_portugues.ini

  • lang_espanol (latino).ini

  • lang_espanol (espana).ini

  • lang_svenska.ini

  • lang_nederlands.ini

  • lang_arabic.ini

  • lang_chinese simplified.ini

  • lang_chinese traditional.ini

  • lang_hebrew.ini

  • lang_magyar.ini

  • lang_japanese.ini

  • lang_korean.ini

  • lang_thai.ini

  • lang_turkce.ini

  • lang_hellenic.ini

  • richedhook.dll

  • developers.txt

  • libsndfile.dll

  • detoured.dll

  • bisa.exe

  • wqubbyug.exe

  • great bind.exe

Delete Associated Files

After deleting the malicious associated processes, you have to delete the files that are related to this malware. In this regard, you have to look for the following folders as well as files, and delete them if found in your computer:-

  • %programfiles%\messengerplus! 3\

  • %programfiles%\messengerplus! 3\resources\

  • %programfiles%\messengerplus! 3\plugins\

Remove Registry Entries

After deleting the files, you have to get rid of the following corrupt registry entries and values:-

  • Key: Software\Patchou\MsgPlus2\SetupTest

  • Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce\MessengerPlusUninstall

  • Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\MessengerPlus

  • Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\MessengerPlus2

  • Key: MsgPlus.Encrypted

  • Key: MsgPlus.Encrypted\DefaultIcon

  • Key: MsgPlus.Encrypted\shell\open\command

  • Key: MsgPlus.SoundPack

  • Key: MsgPlus.SoundPack\DefaultIcon

  • Key: MsgPlus.SoundPack\shell\open\command

  • Key: Software\Patchou\MsgPlus2\SetupEndParams

  • Key: Software\Patchou\MsgPlus2
    Value: BinDir

  • Key: Software\Patchou\MsgPlus2
    Value: LocalizationDir

  • Key: Software\Patchou\MsgPlus2
    Value: PluginDir

  • Key: Software\Patchou\MsgPlus2
    Value: FileNameDll

  • Key: Software\Patchou\MsgPlus2
    Value: FileNameExe

  • Key: Software\Patchou\MsgPlus2
    Value: FileNameLoader

  • Key: Software\Patchou\MsgPlus2
    Value: SoftwareBuild

  • Key: Software\Patchou\MsgPlus2
    Value: DefLanguageFile

  • Key: Software\Patchou\MsgPlus2
    Value: InstallTime

  • Key: Software\Patchou\MsgPlus2
    Value: LanguageFile

  • Key: .ple
    Data: MsgPlus.Encrypted

  • Key: .plp
    Data: MsgPlus.SoundPack

How to Remove MsgPlus! Toolbar?
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