The Gadgetbox is a malicious application that is categorized as a browser redirect virus. This dangerous worm can change all your browser settings including the home page, desktop background, and default search engine after getting itself installed. This application was developed by the hackers and online criminals to get the remote access of the windows based computers, and record the online browsing activities of the user that will be used for the fraudulent purposes. This malicious application once installed on the system, it redirects all your searches towards certain corrupt websites where you not only get additional worms, but your system also get damaged severly. Whenever you try to do some work on your computer, you will find out that the system is stuck or frozen. The Gadgetbox is developed by the hackers to steal your confidential data, and then your money by recording your browsing activities.

The Manual Removal of Gadgetbox

First of all you have to confirm the presence of the Gadgetbox in your PC. Once it is confirmed that your system, you have to think how to get rid of this redirect virus. You can find some powerful automatic removal tools easily that can remove this virus with extreme ease. However, if you are looking for a manual removal method, that is also available. The instructions for manual removal method are as under that need to be followed as they are mentioned:-

Start the System in Safe Mode

You have to restart the computer in the safe mode. In this regard, just reboot the system, and use F8

How to Remove Gadgetbox?
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