The Agent-ECM is a type Trojan which mostly spread through WAN (Wide Area Networks). This malicious program can make your system instability, and cause the loss of data. It has the ability to slow down the speed of your computer by occupying most of the system resources. As we know Trojans always present itself as a legitimate software applications, and this classic Trojan is not an exception. Removing Agent-ECM manually is not an easy task as it involves various complicated steps. In case if you fee difficulty in manual removal of this Trojan, you can use automatic Agent-ECM removal tool to get rid of this malicious application.

Manual Removal of Agent-ECM

In order to remove this virus from your computer completely, you have to follow the certain steps such as removing files and folders, removing registry files, and running a complete system scan. Following are the steps that you need to complete if you want to remove the Agent-ECM manually : –

Remove Files and Folders

You have to use the file explorer as well as the file manager to remove all the files and folders related to the Agent-ECM. You just need to find the files or folders related to this Trojan application and delete them by pressing Shift+Delete.  You also have to click “Yes” to confirm the deletion process. If you are unable to remove some of the files, you need to kill the processes first. To kill the running Agent-ECM processes, you have to start windows task manager, and go to the “Processes” tab. Kill the related processes one by one and restart your computer. Once your computer restarted, you can easily delete all the infected files as well as folders easily.

Removing Registry Values

The windows registry is one of the most important directories that you need to clean in order to remove the Agnet-ECM threat completely. In order to clean the windows registry, you need to identify and delete all the keys and values associated with the Agnet-ECM threat. One thing which you keep in mind is, we cannot take the responsibility of making changes in the windows registry as some of the registry entries are sensitive, and if you delete any of these sensitive system entries, it can cause permanent damage to your computer. You have to open the windows registry editor to make appropriate changes in the registry. Once you remove all the potential threats from the registry, you have to restart the computer to see the changes you have made took place or not.

Updating the Antivirus Program and Run Complete System Scan

Once you successfully remove this threat from your machines, it is time to enhance the security of your computer so that your computer remain safe from any such attacks in the future. You have to update your existing antivirus to make it more effective against the recent threats. Once the antivirus software updates, you have to run the complete system scan, and if any threats detected, remove them quickly.

How To remove Agent-ECM?
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