The Agent-DJV is a Trojan spyware  which is also known as Trojan.win32, and agent.rx. The Agent-DJV present itself as a legitimate application, and many of the users got themselves in this trap. Once it is installed on your computer, it has the ability to run malicious processes on your computer, and can steal the important personal information along with browsing habits.  This Trojan has the ability to auto start every time you start your windows, and connects your computer automatically to the internet.  There is no built-in Uninstaller is available in this application to remove it automatically. The Agent-DJV has the ability to download other viruses.

Manual Removal of Agent-DJV

In order to remove Agent-DJV manually, you have to update your antivirus program first, and run a complete system scan. If there are any Trojans detected, you should remove them quickly. Sometimes you failed to detect the Agent-DJV threat through your antivirus, in that case you have to reboot your computer in safe mode. Once you remove the Agent-DJV Trojan from your PC through your antivirus software you have to reboot the computer to proceed towards the next step of manual removal of this malicious application.

Clean Windows Registry

Removing Agent-DJV manually depends on how safely you can detect and remove the registry keys related to this malicious application. You have to click on the “Start” button, select “Run”, type “RegEdit” and press “OK”. This will take you to another screen which is called a registry editor. Here you can view the registry keys as well as registry values in two different panels. You need to find the following entry : –

  • HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders

Once you navigate to the above mentioned key you can see various items on the right pane of the registry editor where you have to find the “SecurityProviders” item, and when you right click on that item you will see a button “Modify”. When you select that, it will open another window where you need to find the file “ntoskrnl.dll”. If there is such file visible you have to delete it, and press “OK”. Now you just need to close the windows registry editor, and reboot your machine to see the effect of changes you have just made.

Remove The Files and Folders

After cleaning your registry, now it is time to find and delete the files as well as folders that are either related or infected by this dangerous Trojan virus. In this regard you simply open the file explorer, and look for the Agent-DJV files. In most cases these files are stored in the C:\Program Files folders. You have to check these files and if you found any suspicious file or folder, you need to remove it by just deleting the file.

Automatic Agent-DJV Removal Tools

Mostly, novice users face difficulty in removing these types of complicated threats as it required a fair bit of understanding of suspicious files. If you feel that manual removal is not possible for you, there are some automatic tools available through which you can easily get rid of Agent-DJV.

How to Remove Agent-DJV?
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