The Afcore. q is a malicious application that comes under Trojan backdoor category. This parasite is also known as TrojanDropper.Win32, and Emaner. This virus provides the developers the chance to control the infected computer remotely. The total size of this application is 58368 bytes when packed; however, when the file was unpacked the size increased to the 118272 bytes. The file will stored by default in the windows temporary files folders in case if you have an NTFS file system on your computer. The file names are different and the Afcore. q has the ability to generate its own file names that consist of any small alphabet from a to z. The backdoor component of this program consists of dll files which sized up to 113152 bytes. This threat is considered as the most dangerous because it gives the developers extensive control of your machine.

Removing Afcore.q Manually

There is an own built-in mechanism available to remove Afcore. q which also has the ability to remove the registry key of this application due to which this software will not start on the windows startup once you remove it with that built-in removal tool. However, it has been observed that there are some files left even after deleting it through that tool. You also have to delete the DLL files in order to remove this application completely from your PC. To remove DLL you just have to open the file explorer and go to the windows temporary file folder to remove these remaining files of this malicious application.

Updating Antivirus Program

After deleting these files as well as registry keys your system is secure, but to increase the level of protection you need to update your current antivirus software. Sometimes we start feeling that our antivirus does not provide us the maximum protection, in that case you can change it by downloading another quality antivirus. Most of these antivirus programs provide free versions, so you don’t need to get worried. Once you have updated your antivirus or download another one, you have to check your system by running a complete system scan. You can run that scan from the main interface of the antivirus application. When your complete system scan shows result, and detects any kind of threats, you have to immediately remove them. Often antivirus failed to detect any threats or unable to remove the threats because there are some processes related to that threat running in the background. In that case you have to stop the running processes first by opening windows task manager, and click on the “Processes” tab.

Some of the new users may feel difficulty in removing this complicated application from their computer manually. It is obvious that for new users tracking infected files is not easy so they cannot remove Afcore.q threat easily. For them there are some automatic Afcore.q removal tools are available. These automatic tools are excellent way of getting rid of this malicious application within just a few clicks of mouse.

How to Remove Afcore.q?
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