The Adware.WinProtect is an adware program that displays Taskbar messages, and it comes under the category of Symantec viruses. The risk level with this adware is medium and it can affect various versions of windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, and Windows 98. This adware changes the settings of your browser, and it installed its files as well as registry entries wisely. This adware displays fake Taskbar messages in which you are warned about any suspicious activity and when you click “OK” on that message, you will be taken to a pop-up advertising message about buying an anti spyware software. These messages appear regularly on your screen after random intervals.

Removing Adware.WinProtect Manually

The manual removal of the Adware.WinProtect is consists of four major steps that are as under:-

  1. 1. Disabling System Restor Function :- For Windows XP, and Windows ME it is important that you h\should disable the “System Restore” function on a temporary basis. By default this feature is enabled which is used to restore the damaged files on your system. This feature stops the antivirus programs to remove the spyware and viruses, in other words this feature also used to restore the infected and suspicious Adware. WinProtect files; therefore, disabling this is extremely important. After cleaning your system completely from the Adware.WinProtect threat, you can turn this feature on again.
  2. 2. Update Your Current Antivirus Program:- You have to update your current antivirus program before scanning your computer. You can update your antivirus either through the CD or from the website of the company. If you feel your antivirus is not working properly or failed to provide you effective protection, you can replace it with another reliable antivirus software.
  3. 3. Run Complete System Scan and Delete Files : – After updating your current antivirus you have to run a complete system scan to detect the threats. If you detect files related to the Adware.WinProtect, you should delete these files immediately. In case if you failed to remove the infected files and detected threats you have to reboot your system in “Safe Mode” and try again to delete these files by running a complete system scan in the safe mode. After deleting all such Adware.WinProtect related threats, you can restart your computer into the normal mode and delete the following files
  • Alloon.wav
  • HelpCHMRedir.chm
  1. Delete Registry Values : – The final step of removing Adware.WinProtect manually is cleaning your windows registry section from malicious registry entries. Make sure that you have made the windows registry backup before trying this step. You have to start registry editor and look for the registry values that are related to the Adware.WinProtect. You can see these values in the right pane of the registry editor,and after checking one by one, you have to delete the suspicious entries that are related to the Adware.WinProtect. Once you deleted all such entries and values, you have to close the registry editor and restart your computer.

How to Remove Adware.WinProtect?
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