The Adware. Verticity is a type of adware which has the ability to display commercial advertisements, and adult contents on the screen of your computer without your prior consent. This virus often installed on the infected computers when the user tries to open a spam email which is sent by the developers of Adware.Verticity. This malware is also known as the Adware.Win32/Verticity.B. The Verticity virus has the ability to hijack your search engine and use it for the advertisement purposes. It installs its files and registry entries deep in the root of your windows system files due to which it is very hard to remove Adware.Verticity once it installed on a machine. You cannot detect or remove this adware through any antivirus. You can remove this virus manually in order to make sure that this will not come back again on your computer.

Remove Adware. Verticity Manually

In order to get rid of the Adware. Verticity manually you must know how to clean the windows registry, and how to kill the processes through the windows task manager, and remove the suspicious files after identifying it. Though removing this adware manually is a complicated process, but if you have experience of removing such viruses before, or you are an advanced level computer user, you can do this by implementing the following steps:-

Kill the Running Processes

First of all you have to kill the already running process which you can do through the windows task manager. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to start the task manager, and click on the “Processes” tab. Now you have to find and stop the processes related to Adware.Verticity Trojan. To kill the process you just have to select that process and click on the “End Process” button which you can see when you right click on the name of that process.

Remove Suspicious Registry Entries

It is important to remove the Adware.Verticity virus that you clean your registry from the files that are stored to protect that virus. If you are unable to clean the registry, and just remove the suspicious files with folders, this adware has the ability to reinstall itself through these registry files. You simply need to open the registry editor and find the following registry entries:-

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Adware.Verticity.B Trojan

After finding the above mentioned registry entry you simply have to right click it, and press “Delete”. If there are any other registry entries that are visible with the name of Adware.Verticity, you need to delete them too.

Remove Files and Folders

After cleaning your registry, now you have to find the suspicious and infected files of Adware.Verticity. In this regard,you have to open the file explorer, and check the C:\Program Files folder where you can see the files or folders with the name of Adware.Verticity.B Trojan, or any other name involves verticity. After locating such files you have to simply delete them as soon as possible. Restart your computer and enjoy the fast, as well as adware free experience of browsing.

How to Remove Adware. Verticity?
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