The Advertbar is a spyware which comes under the category of adware, and it is installed as a Browser Helper Object (BHO). It has the ability to change settings of your browser, and displays hundreds of pop-up ads on a daily base. It mostly shows the commercial ads to sell various products. As the name says the Advertbar is a toolbar that is developed by the internet marketers to advertise their products. There are some automatic tools available to remove the Advertbar adware, but if you like, you can also get rid of this spyware manually.

How to remove Advertbar Manually

In order to remove the Advertbar manually you have to first remove the files through “Add/Remove Programs”. To do this you have to go to control panel, and select “Add/Remove Programs” option. Here you have to find the files of Advertbar. Following are some of the suspicious files that are related to this adware:-

  • AdTools
  • Ice Age

You just have to press “Change/Remove” button to uninstall these files. Sometimes when you are unable to remove these files that means there are some malicious processes are running on your computer which you need to stop. You have to go to the windows task manager to stop such process, and then try again to uninstall the above mentioned files through “Add/Remove Programs” function.

Remove Unwanted Registry Keys and Entries

After removing the suspicious files, you also have to clean the registry from the malicious keys and entries that are created by the Advertbar adware script. To remove such entries from the windows registry, you have to open the registry editor which is not that hard to open. You have to press the “Start” button, select “Run”, type “RegEdit” in the box, and press “OK”. Once the registry editor opened, you can view the registry values as well as keys in separate panels on the right and left side of the registry editor. You have to check all the entries one by one to find the suspicious entries, and as soon as you find any entry, you have to delete it. Following is the entry which you have to find and delete to remove Advertbar from your computer:-

  • HKey_Current_User\Software\AdTools

Once you are able to clean your registry section of Advertbar adware program, that means you have completed the most difficult part of the manual removal process of this malicious software.

Update and Install the Antivirus

After clearing your registry, you have to close the registry editor, and restart your PC. Once you have restarted, you need to install or update your existing antivirus software, and run a complete system scan to see whether the Advertbar threat is still available. It is extremely important for your future protection for such kind of threats that you should avoid accepting suspicious offers on the internet through emails or through social media. It is the easiest way through which the online marketers use an Advertbar type of adware to infect your machine.

How to Remove Advertbar?
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