Adverbot is a backdoor trojan spyware which presents itself as a legitimate software to deceive the users. Once you install this spyware it runs malicious code on your machine to steal the important personal financial information which can be used for other purposes. It has the ability to damage your other important software programs. Like all other Trojan viruses, the Adverbot also gives the developers the direct remote access to your computer.  The Adverbot is considered as a serious threat for the stability of your machine as well as your personal information; therefore, as soon as you found it on your computer, you have to remove it either manually, or using any automatic Adverbot removal tool.

Manual Removal of Adverbot

The manual removal of Adverbot is possible, but it is a complicated process which is hard to follow for the novice users. In order to remove the Adverbot backdoor Trojan from your computer manually, you need to stop the running processes related to this malware. To stop processes you have to open the windows task manager, and press on the processes tab. Check the processes that are running and related to this spyware, and stop them. Once you stop the running processes of the Adverbot, now you are able to delete the Adverbot files and folders.

Remove Adverbot Files

In order to remove the Adverbot completely you have to locate and delete the original files related to Adverbot threat. To find these files you have to go to the file explorer and check the C:\Program Files folder. Keep in mind that you don’t only need to remove the original Adverbot files, but you also have to identify and delete the infected files. You have to check the files one by one, and delete them normally.

Remove Registry Files

After deleting the original files of the Adverbot malware, the next thing which you have to do cleans the windows registry. In this regard, you first have to open the registry editor, and see what entries and values looks suspicious. One thing which you must keep in mind that registry files are most sensitive one, and many of these files are important to run your machine properly; therefore, if you deleted the wrong files, it can harm your computer, and in some cases caused permanent damage. You have to check the registry values and entries one by one, and after making sure that this entry is suspicious, you have to remove it permanently.

Update the Antivirus

After cleaning the windows registry, you have to restart your computer and update your existing antivirus. If you do not have any antivirus installed, you have to download it now. After downloading or updating your antivirus program you have to run a complete system scan, and remove all the threats identified in that scan. In order to make your computer protected from such threats you have to make sure that you are not going to accept any lucrative offers unless it is not received from an authentic publisher.

How to Remove Adverbot?
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