The Adtomi is one of many types of adware program that is basically developed to track stocks but also used to display pop-up ads on the computers of the users. The Adtomi infects the computer when you start visiting unsecured websites. This malicious application offered itself as a toolbar, and it has the ability repair as well as update its files through internet. The AdTomi has the ability to connect itself automatically to the internet, and remains resident in the background. Every time you start your windows, the Adtomi script runs automatically; therefore, it is very hard to get rid of this adware manually.

Removing Adtomi Manually

First of all you have to reboot your computer into safe mode which you can do by choosing restart, and then press F8 till you got the boot options. Choose “Boot in Safe Mode” from the list of options. Run the complete system scan from your antivirus in safe mode after updating your antivirus. Sometimes you can remove the Adtomi by just updating your antivirus and running a complete system scan. If you think the adware is still running on your computer, you have to remove it manually.

Remove Files Related to Adtomi

To remove Adtomi files you have to first stop the running processes related to the Adtomi. Just press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to start windows task manager and click on the “Processes” tab. Find out the processes that have relationship with Adtomi adware, and stop them. Once you stop the running processes, it becomes possible for you to delete the Adtomi files and folders. You have to open the file explorer and find out the following Adtomi files:-

  • Prmvr.exe
  • Ystck32.exe
  • Ystcka32.exe

After finding the above mentioned Adtomi files, you have to delete them normally. If you are unable to delete any of such files and folders, that means there are some Adtomi processes still running in the background. In that case you have to check again through the windows task manager.

Delete Adtomi Registry Files

After deleting Adtomi files, it is time to check the registry files to remove Adtomi completely. There are a number of registry values and keys that are created by Adtomi, and you have to remove all such registry files to make your PC normal again. Some of these registry entries look like as under:-

  • HKey_Current_User\Software\Adtomi
  • Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Run\YahooStock

It is important to delete the registry because otherwise the adware can reinstall itself through these registry entries. Once you delete all the suspicious registry entries as well as keys, you have to reboot your computer to see the changes you have made.

Once you have cleaned your computer from Adtomi adware, you have to make sure that it will not come back by enhancing your security. You can do this by updating the existing antivirus software, or reinstalling a more effective antivirus program, and keep updating it from time to time. Besides that, you also need to make sure that you only open trusted website and do not accept offers without checking the authenticity of the sender.

How To Remove Adtomi?
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