The AdStore is a type of adware that is installed on your computer as a BHO (Browser Helper Object). The AdStore has the ability to generate pop-up ads on a regular basis. It also keeps the data on your browsing history to see your browsing habits. Removing AdStore manually is a relatively tough job for those who are not the advanced computer users, and to accommodate such users there are some automatic AdStore removal tools available which can remove this tricky adware within just a few clicks of the mouse. However, if you want to try the manual removal of the AdStore following are the steps that you need to follow.

Manual Removal of AdStore

First of all you have to unregister the dll files that are related to the AdStore. To do this you have to open the command prompt of your computer. Just press “Start” button on the bottom of your computer screen, press “programs” and choose “Accessories” where you can see the DOS command prompt. Just enter the following command there:-

  • cd%windir%/system32

regsvr32/u pcdbs.dll

Removing Registry Keys

After un-registering the dll files, the next step is to locate and remove malicious registry files. To do this you have to press “start” button, select “run” press “ok” after writing “regedit”, and this will open the registry editor. After opening the registry editor you have to look for the malicious registry files to get rid of this adware completely. Following are some of the common AdStore related registry keys:-


  • HKey_Local_Machine\clsid\{00010A21-b924-4cd6-893c-eea1071ae8b3}
  • HKey_Classes_Root\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\browser helper object\{00010a21-b924-4cd6-893c-eeea1071ae8b3}
  • HKey_Classes_Root\clsid\00010a21–b924-4cd6-893c-eea1071ae8b3}

These are just sample entries, you can find various types of entries in the registry section of your windows operating system that are either related or infected because of AdStore adware program. You have to find them, and remove them as soon as possible to keep your computer protected from this type of malicious programs. After deleting all the malicious registry files, you have to reboot the computer to see the virus is still exist or not.

Removing Malicious Files

Un-regestering the dll files, and removing malicious files from the windows registry is not enough to get rid of the AdStore adware as you also need to remove the files and folders related to this threat from your system files. You have to look for such files in the program files folder of your C directory. The folder is different for different versions of the windows operating system but if you have windows XP it must be look like “C:\Windows\System32”. When you open this folder by using the file explorer, you can see various system files out of which you have to locate the following file:-

  • Pcdbs.dll

You have to remove this file after locating it to remove AdStore threat completely. After deleting this stuff, you have to restart your computer, and run complete system scan from the main interface of your antivirus program. Make sure that your antivirus is updated before launching the system scan.

How To Remove AdsStore?
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