The AdRotator is an adware which is considered as an exchange software and used to display pop-up ads on the computer screen of the user. It shows mostly commercial ads to promote various products. There are some automatic tools available in the market to get rid of AdRotator adware instantly. Besides that, the manual removal of this malicious program is also possible. You have to follow some difficult steps in order to remove the AdRotator from the hard drive of your computer completely.

Remove AdRotator Manually

First of all you have to end the processes related to the AdRotator. As we all know that any software is a collection of files, and whenever you run an exe file, the code start running on your computer which is known as the process. Like legitimate software programs, the adware also runs under the process without the knowledge of the user. In order to kill the process you have to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete which will open the windows task manager. Choose “Processes” tab and locate following process to kill it:-

  • Mwsvm.exe

Removing Suspicious Registry Files

After ending the malicious processes, the second step is clean your registry. One of the major threat from these adware, browser hijackers, and other viruses is, they have the ability to modify the windows registry. The AdRotator has the ability to modify the existing registry keys, change the complicated registry values, and creates new keys. To clean your registry from this malicious application you need to open registry editor by running “RegEdit”. When the registry editor opens you can see the registry registry keys on the left pane, and registry values in the right pane. In order to change any of these registry files you simply have to right click it and select the option of “Modify”. Check all the registry keys, and entries one by one and modify the suspicious registry entries.

Removing Malicious Files

After cleaning the registry section of windows, the next step is removing malicious files from your computer. You have to find and delete the following files that are related to AdRotator program.

  • Mwsvm.exe
  • Mwsvm. ocx
  • Vurls.bin
  • Mwsvm.bin
  • Vs.bin
  • Urls.bin

Besides above mentioned files, you also need to find the infected files and remove them from your computer in order to get rid of this threat completely. To locate all these files, you have to start the windows explorer and check various folders.

After deleting the files, you have to delete other related directories to make your PC completely secure. You also need to remove the auto run reference of the AdRotator which is as under:-

  • Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVerssion\Run

After deleting all the above mentioned material you have to restart your computer and see whether changes you have made takes place or not. You also need to update your current antivirus program, and once it is updated successfully, you have to run a complete system scan to enhance the protection for your computer.

Disclaimer: Altering your windows registry items and other computer files should only be attempted by knowledgeable computer users. Errors in registry items may lead to some technical problems affecting other aspects of your machine. We advise you to attempt all these manual steps at your own risk, or else it is better use the Automatic AdRotator removal Tool.


This is most safe and easy method. Download AdRotator Removal Tool to automatically remove AdRotator and its related files.

If you need any technical assistance in removing the AdRotator,do submit your comments to get clarified.

How to Remove AdRotator?
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