The AdRoar is a spyware that comes under the category of browser helper object, and downloaded as the support for Internet Explorer browser. The spyware is used to show some commercial ads of various products through pop-up window, and it also remains resident in the background of your operating system. Like all other adware programs, the AdRoar has the ability to steal your browsing history to use it in displaying targeted ads. Some people say that the AdRoar also steals your personal as well as financial information for various purposes, but it is not yet proved. AdRoar is a stubborn type of virus which is not easy to remove completely as it has also got the ability to update itself through the internet.

Instructions to Remove AdRoar Manually

First you have to reboot your computer in the safe mode to stop running processes related to the AdRoar spyware. When you rebooted your computer in the safe mode, now you have to find the files and folders related to this spyware program. There are different file names used by Adroar to hide the files; however, some of the common file names are as under that you need to find and delete:-

  • ARUpdate.exe
  • Cpruninst.exe
  • CPR.dll
  • Adroar.dll

Once you locate these files or folders, you have to delete them just like you delete the normal files. Sometimes the developers hide these files intelligently, and it is not easy for the users to locate these malicious files. Besides removing above mentioned files, you also need to find and remove the other infected files in order to get rid of this threat completely. You also need to remove the temporary internet files to remove AdRoar completely.

Removing Registry Entries and Values

One of the most difficult steps while removing any stubborn virus is cleaning your registry section. Without cleaning the windows registry you cannot get rid of these viruses completely. In order to find the infected and related registry files, you have to open the registry editor. Once the registry editor opened, you have to find the related registry values as well as registry entries. Most of these entries are hidden with the name Internet Explorer Toolbar, or browser helper object. You have to check these entries one by one in the registry editor, and remove all the suspicious entries and values. Keep in mind that if you removed any important windows registry file, it can be harmful for your computer. It is recommended that keep the registry backup before going through this complicated process. After cleaning the registry section, you need to download or upgrade your antivirus program in order to scan your system. You have to select a complete system scan from the main interface of your antivirus, and see whether the Adroar toolbar is still visible on your browser. Some people do not want to follow these detailed steps, and they prefer to buy an automatic AdRoar removal tool to get rid of this malware within just a few clicks of mouse.

How to Remove AdRoar?
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