The AdManager is a type of spyware which comes under the category of adware. It is developed to run pop-up ads on the computer screen of the users regularly. The AdManager started every time you start your windows. The AdManager installed on the hard drive of your PC because you accept the offers appears in online ads through social media or through email campaigns; therefore, you must be careful while accepting any such offer. Removing the AdManager manually is a bit complicated process as the developers of such adware programs are smart enough, and they stored the malicious files in a way that it is not easy for the user to locate these files.

Steps to Remove AdManager

First of all you have to press “Start” button, select “Settings”, and choose “Control Panel”. When the control panel of your PC started, you can see various options out of which you have to find the “Add/Remove Programs” option. You have to locate the “AdManager Controler” in the programs, and by selecting “Change/Remove” button, you can uninstall this program.

Removing registry Entries

Once you uninstall the AdManager, it is time to restart your computer in safe mode in order to clear the windows registry from this tricky malware program. It is important that you start your PC in safe mode because, there is no other way that you stop running the AdManager virus in the background of your windows. Once you start your machine in safe mode, you have to again press the “Start” button, select “Run”, and type “regedit” in the box before selecting “Ok”. When the registry editor started on the screen of your PC, you have to find the suspicious registry entries and values to delete them. In most cases, the registry key that is related to the AdManager is HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. On the right side of the registry editor you can see the entries where you have to find the registry entry named “AdManager Controller”. In some cases the name of this entry is like “AdManCtl.exe”.

After deleting these registry files, you have to delete the files and folders that are related or got infected to the AdManager. In this regard, you have to check the files one by one in the C:\Program Files folder. After making sure that the files are related to the AdManager spyware or infected because of that virus, you have to remove the file from the hard drive. Most of these files are stored with the name of AdManager Controller, and the folder name is also same.  After completing this process, you need to restart the computer to check whether the threat is removed or still available in your machine. Update your antivirus software and run a complete system scan to clean your PC completely. Some of the new users take this manual removal process as a complicated issue, and rightly so, because it involves a lot of technical information. For such users, there are some automatic AdManager removal tools are available through which they can get rid of this malware program easily.

How to Remove AdManager?
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