AdLogix is a type of spyware that is installed as the Browser Helper object. It has the ability to create a new startup, and every time you run the window, it will run in the background. It also acts like an adware which has the ability to download the different ads from the server of the developer, and run pop-up ads on your screen from time to time.The main purpose of this spyware is to run unwanted ads on the screen of the computer. Like any other type of adware, removing AdLogix is a complicated process that needs a fair bit of understanding of locating as well as deleting the related and infected files, registry entries as well as processes.

Restart Your Computer in Safe Mode

In order to remove the AdLogix manually, you need to restart your computer into safe mode. It is important to run your PC on the safe mode because it is the only way through which you can stop running the AdLogix in the background. Once it is stopped, it becomes easier for your antivirus to detect and remove this dangerous adware from your PC.

Remove Following Files

To get rid of the AdLogix adware, you have to locate and remove the following files from the hard drive of your PC.

  • Adupdater.exe
  • Pacifisy.dll
  • Ieenhancer.dll
  • Adstartup.exe
  • Guarnset.exe

Removing the Registry Entries

After removing the related files, you also need to check the registry section of your windows operating system because most of the spyware programs store unnecessary registry entries, and values there. The AdLogix related registry entries are mostly stored in the Root directory of your registry, and you can remove it by pressing the “Start” button on your computer select “Run”, write “RegEdit” in the box , and press “ok”. This will open the registory editor where you have to locate and delete the suspicious registery values as well as entries.

Keep in mind that AdLogix and all other types of adware programs installed on your computer when you accept offers from the unknown publishers without reading the terms of use. After removing or uninstalling the AdLogix, make sure that you are not going to accept any suspicious offer, and in case if you feel the offer is good, read the terms of use, and check the authenticity of the publisher. After removing the AdLogix spyware, you also need to install and update any reliable antivirus program in order to protect your PC from the future spyware threats. Once the AdLogix files are removed completely, you also need to reset your internet settings and check the browser settings such as home page, and security level, because most of these illegal adware programs change the settings of the browser completely.

Besides manual removal, there are automatic AdLogix removal tools also available through which you can get rod of this malware within few mionutes without even gpoing through the complicated process of finding and deleting the suspicious dll files, registry entries, and other infected data.

How to remove AdLogix?
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