Adh1_sexarea is a dialer spyware that is developed to attempt of dialing an expensive telephone number from the computer of the user. The spyware has the ability to access porn material and websites by dialing a long distance call. The Adh1_sexarea was first reported in 2006, and the last update of this spyware was launched in September 2008. The threat level of Adh1_sexarea is medium level, but it has the ability to steal your important personal as well as financial information. Besides that, the Adh1_sexarea also occupy the resources of your system which reduces the speed of your computer considerably.

Removing Adh1_sexarea

Before getting rid of Adh1_sexarea, it is advised that you must keep the backup of all your important files. After taking the backup of important data you need to disconnect your PC from the internet, and other networks (if any), and reboot your computer into the safe mode. When you restart your computer in the safe mode, the Adh1_sexarea spyware will not be able to run in the background. It is also appropriate if you take the backup of windows registry as there are chances that you can delete any sensitive registry entry. With the removal of Adh1_sexarea process, you have to find the host file of the virus, and remove it. In most cases the host file of the Adh1_sexarea is stored in the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\ Adh1_sexarea. After deleting the host file, you also have to clean the registry section. In this regard, you have to click the “Start” button and choose “Run”. Type “Regedit” in the box, and press “Ok”. This will open the registry editor where you can locate as well as remove the suspicious and infected registry entries. You need to check the entries one by one, and delete them if you found any entry or value suspicious.

After cleaning the windows registry, you also have to check the suspicious dll files, and directories. You just have to check the program files in the C drive, and check the dll files related to the Adh1_sexarea. Removing a suspicious dll file is same as you remove any other type of file. Once you finish all these steps, you need to restart your computer in the normal mode, and update your existing antivirus. After successfully downloading updates, you have to run the complete system scan, and check whether the threat of the Adh1_sexarea still exists. If you feel that the spyware is not removed completely, you have to repeat the process one more time.

The process of manual removal of the Adh1_sexarea spyware is not that difficult for the advanced computer users, as it only needs to locate the correct files, and registry entries, but if you are new, and not have enough experience of removing that types of spyware programs, it is recommended that you should download any automatic Adh1_sexarea removal tool. These automatic programs are developed

How to Remove Adh1_sexarea?
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