The AdDestroyer is a malware that marketed itself as an automatic virus removal tool. Some of the latest versions of this software have the ability to run pop-up ads on the screen of your PC to encourage you to purchase the AdDestroyer. This is an adware type of virus which can affect various versions of windows operating system including Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 9X. The AdDestroyer copies the files mostly with the name of mexico.exe. It also creates the AdDestroyer startup key. When you start the windows task manager, and press on the “Processes” tab, you can see the mexico.exe processes are running.  You cannot remove AdDestroyer virus through your antivirus program as most of the antivirus programs are ineffective against this type of threat.

Instructions to Remove AdDestroyer Manually

In order to remove the AdDestroyer threat manually from your computer you need to go to the control panel, and click on the “Add/Remove Programs” tab. Here you have to locate the program “AdDestroyer”, and remove it by clicking on the “Change/Remove” button. After deleting this virus from the add/remove programs, you have to open the registry editor of your windows operating system. You have to click on the “Start” button, select “Run” and type “RegEdit”. This will take you towards registry editor windows where you can see the registry entries, and registry values. In the right side of the registry editor you can view the entries, and you need t found the entry “HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Delete all the entries that are stored with the name of AdDestroyer.


After this, you have to locate and delete some of the dll files that are related to the AdDestroyer program. In this regard you have to open the command prompt of your computer, and delete the following dll files.

  • Popoops.dll
  • Popoops2.dll
  • Swlad1.dll
  • Swlad2.dll
  • Adxml43.dll
  • Trans.exe
  • Swrt01.dll
  • Addestroyer.exe
  • Addestroyer.lnk

After deleting all the above mentioned dll files, you also need to delete the folder of the AdDestroyer from the directory of the Program Files. The most difficult step of this manual removal of AdDestroyer process is finding and deleting the appropriate registry entries and values, because in case if you deleted the wrong entry it can affect the performance of your PC, and you can also lose some of the important data. For the advanced computer users it is recommended that  go for the manual removal of the AdDestroyer; however, for the novice users, this is much more complicated process. It is not only extremely hard to find the suspicious, and infected registry entries, but deleting any sensitive registry entry is also a risky process. The consequences of deleting a sensitive registry entry or value can be harmful for your computer; therefore, if you are not feeling comfortable in this manual removal process, you can choose any powerful, and effective automatic AdDestroyer removal tool to get rid of this tricky adware from your computer. There are a number of good AdDestroyer removal programs available in the market.

How to Remove AdDestroyer?
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