The Ad Armor is a malware that comes under the Trojan category, and it can affect different versions of Windows including Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2003, and Windows Vista. As we know the Trojan is a malware that seems to be a legitimate software, but actually it is designed for another purpose, and it has the ability to harm your computer in different ways. Trojans are as destructive as any other kind of spyware, but unlike some other types of viruses the Trojans do not replicate. The Ad Armor can hit your system if you do not have sufficient security is available, or you are performing unsafe internet surfing.

Instructions to remove Ad Armor

When you choose a manual removal of malware like Ad Armor, you actually have to perform all the tasks yourself which are performed automatically when you choose any automatic Ad Armor removal tool. First of all you have to locate as well as delete the files, folders, registry keys, and registry values that are infected or related to the Ad Armor. If you carefully check the files, and folders as well as windows registry, you can easily locate these infected or suspicious files.

Deleting Ad Armor Files and Folders

In most cases the files related to Ad Armor are saved with .dll or ,exe extension which you need to find and delete. To locate these files you have to start the file explorer, and check the files one by one. In order to delete any file or folder, you have to press Shift+Delete. Some of the common Ad Armor files are AdArmor.lnk, and AdArmorInstaller.exe.

Removing Ad Armor Registry Values

Without cleaning the windows registry, it is impossible to get rid of the Ad Armor or any other spyware completely. It happens because almost all t6he spyware store references of their files in the windows registry section in order to launch automatic startup every time you start your windows. In order to get rid of the Ad Armor completely you have to clean both registry values as well as registry entries. First of all you have to press the “Start” button which is available on the bottom of your screen, press “Run”, type “Regedit”, and press “OK”. This will open the windows registry editor from where you can locate and delete the suspicious registry values and entries.

Sometimes it becomes hard for the new users to find and remove the Ad Armor related registry entries as well as values because the developers of this malware has tried to hide these suspicious registry files wisely. To help the users on this issue there are some automatic Ad Armor removal tools available in the market through which you can get rid of this dangerous Trojan malware easily, and with just a few clicks of your mouse. Those who have experience of deleting these viruses, and spyware programs manually can choose manual removal process. Keep in mind that you have to remove all the related as well as infected files completely from your system.

How to Remove Ad Armor?
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