ACXInstall is a type of adware that is used to run unwanted advertisements through pop-up windows on the screen of your computer. The ACXInstall is considered as one of the most dangerous adware today as it can destroy your system files as well as important data; therefore, if you found your computer infected with this deadly virus, it is recommended that try to get rid of this virus as quickly as possible. You can remove ACXInstall manually, but it is recommended that if you are a novice user, do not try to remove this tricky spyware on your own. You can get the help of any reliable automatic ACXInstall removal tool.

Instructions to Remove ACXInstall Manually

If you want to remove this spyware manually, the first thing which you need to do is find the files and folders that relate to this threat. You also need to find the registry entries that are related to the ACXInstall, and the data that is infected because of this virus. After finding all the infected, and suspicious files, folders, registry entries, and values you have to remove all such data from your computer. Keep in mind that this is a complicated process to remove such spyware programs; therefore be careful before deleting any data, because if you deleted any sensitive system file or registry key, you can face the consequences.

How to Remove Files

First of all you have to reboot your computer in the safe mode. In this regard you just need to restart the computer and press F8. This will lead you towards different options including boot your computer into safe mode. Once your computer run in the safe mode, you should go to the file explorer and check the files one by one to identify the suspicious and infected files. After deleting all the infected files, you also need to delete the temporary internet files to remove the threat completely, because it is the internet where you first got infected from the ACXInstall.

How to remove Registry Entries

It is the windows registry section where all the system files and spyware programs are stored, therefore it is extremely important to clean the windows registry. Before deleting any registry entries, you must be sure that the entry you are deleting is not going to affect your data or other sensitive system files. Removing ACXInstall registry values is one of the most complicated process of this manual removal of this virus. The developers have created the registry values in a way that it is not easy to identify for the new users. Just click on the “Start”, and select “Run”. Type “regedit”  and this will take you to the registry editor where you can view all the registry entries. The registry keys can be viewed on the left side of the screen, and registry values on the right side of your computer screen.  You can remove the suspected registry values as well as entries, but make sure that you keep the backup of the windows registry.

How to Remove ACXInstall?
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