Acidoor spyware is one of the most dangerous spyware that affect your windows operating system, and causes slow down in the speed by occupying most of the system resources. Acidoor comes in the category of backdoor spyware. A backdoor spyware just affects your system files, and it makes the security of your system vulnerable. The Acidoor has the ability to open your computer for any future attacks of all types of spyware programs. The Acidoor was first discovered in 2001, and it is a Trojan virus; whereas the origins of this virus are still unknown. The total size of the file of this spyware is more than 970 KB.  One of the obvious signs of infected from Acidoor is the presence of extapp.exe file in your computer. This virus gives access to the hackers to control your PC. The Acidoor spyware is written in the visual basic. The threat level of this spyware is low but it has the ability to modify some of the sensitive registry files. It can easily steels your confidential financial as well as personal information. By default the Acidoor uses the ports 4432, and 4433.

Instructions to remove Acidoor

First of all you have to turn all the unnecessary processes off, and you have to keep in mind that the network services such as FTP server or any other web server are the main avenues of the attacks for the attackers. If you feel that the spyware is attacking and infecting these servers, you have to disable all such suspicious services until you get rid of the Acidoor. You have to update your antivirus program, and if you are using Windows XP, you should end the Trojan processes. When you run a complete system scan through any effective and reliable antivirus program, it will detect all the files of the Acidoor. You have to remove all these files, and reverse the changes made by this spyware.

Updating the Antivirus Program

If you have an antivirus already installed on your PC, check whether it is updated. If you have no antivirus, go to the website of any effective antivirus and download the free version of that software.

End the Trojan Processes

You have to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open the task manager, and press on the “Processes” tab. To sort the processes alphabetically, you have to double click the “Image Name” column. Once the processes are sorted alphabetically, it is easier for you to locate Extapp.exe. Just click on that exe file, and press “End Process” button. After doing this, you have to exit from the task manager.

Run Complete System Scan and Delete the Infected Files

Start your updated antivirus program and select “Complete System Scan”. If you detect any threats related to Acidoor, remove them. In order to remove these threats, you have to press the “Delete” button.

If you feel that the manual removal of Acidoor is too complicated for you, there are some automatic tools are also available through which you can easily get rid of Acidoor threat.

How to remove Acidoor?
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