ACCDFISA Protection Program Ransomware like many other programs is a fake antivirus program designed to fool innocent people. It enters your computer through the Trojans and spam email attachments. ACCDFISA Protection Program Ransomware installs itself; once it enters the computer, it runs a complete scan of the computer. This scan results show that there are a large number of files infected by viruses and that the computer security is not up to date. It also shows you various security warnings and asks the users to buy the version by paying $100 so that the ACCDFISA Protection Program Ransomware can clean the computer system from viruses.

This is, in fact, a planning of many scammers to scare the people to such extent that they end up buying the ACCDFISA Protection Program Ransomware tool. This tool does no such thing; in fact, its presence is a great danger for your computer security. Do not fell for this trick and do not buy the tool in any condition. If you know about the presence of ACCDFISA Protection Program Ransomware in your computer, delete it immediately. If you do not know how to do this, do not worry. This article has the solution to all your problems.

ACCDFISA Protection Program Ransomware shows the following types of warnings:

ACCDFISA Protection program

Warning! Access to your computer is limited.


From your computer was detected mailing (spam) advertises illegal sites with child pornography, which contradicts law and harm other networking users.

Probably your computer has been infected and as a result our service locked access to your computer, including a fully networked access (except for our staff).

As the virus sends the illegal spam mail is very dangerous and modifies itself every 48 hours, including removing our program protection, you have 48 hours, otherwise we will remove all protection program data including the operating system and all your files without possibility of recovery.

To solve this problem you need to buy and send sms with MoneyPak or Paysafecard or Ukash code (100$ or 100E) and your Reference Number: 471951751100 to the special service phone number: +18722161445 or email:

You can buy MoeyPak card at the nearest stores: Walgreens, Walmart, CVS/pharmacy, Kmart, SevenEleven, Rite Aid or go to to find location stores near you.

To find Paysafecard location stores near you visit or Ukash at

After that our experts withing 1-3 hours will do audit and clean up your computer from viruses sending out spam and send out you sms on the cell phone or email (from which you sent card code and your reference number) control code (which unlock your PC) that must be enter here.

Remove ACCDFISA Protection Program Ransomware files

  1. You need to open the Windows task manger to remove the ACCDFISA Protection Program Ransomware processes and thus stop them from working.
  2. To open the windows task manager; go to start button and select the option Run.
  3. Type taskmgr in the tab named ‘open’ and click ok.
  4. If you want to quickly open the Windows task manager you can press the short keys CTRL+ALT+DEL.
  5. When the windows task manager opens, note that there will be many tabs at the top of the task manager windows. Find out the tab whose name is ‘processes’.
  6. In the tab ‘processes’ look for the following processes. Now click on the process and press Delete.





How to remove ACCDFISA Protection Program Ransomware?

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