ABX Toolbar is considered as a browser hijacker virus that installed as a helper object for your browser. This adware has the ability to change the settings of your browser including your home page, and controls the browser through remote servers. Resultantly, there are hundreds of ads generated through pop-up window on the screen of your PC on a daily basis. The ABX toolbar is a virus that comes in the shape of toolbar and installed on your browser. A toolbar is a group of buttons that facilitate users to perform different tasks with just one click. These toolbars are extremely hard to remove once installed on the browser or hard disk on your PC. You can get many powerful tools and software to remove the ABX Toolbar from your computer, but if you want to do it manually, following are a few instructions that you need to follow.

Instructions to Remove ABX Toolbar

  • First of all you have to close all the opened browser windows, and all browser processes.
  • After closing all the browser windows, you have to enter into the DOS command prompt window and enter the command “regsvr32/u%windir%\system32\ABX_Search.dll”
  • After doing this, you have to go to the registry editor in order to clear all the infected registry entries. In order to open the registry editor you have to select “Start” button which is available on the bottom of your screen, select “Run”, type “regedit” and click “ok”. You have to find the unwanted registry entries, and navigate to these entries to delete them permanently.
  • Once you delete the corrupt registry entries, now it is time to restart your computer so that changes take place.
  • When you restart your computer, you have to delete the file which looks like “%windir%\system32\ABX_Search.dll”
  • It is also important that you should reset the settings of the internet once you removed ABX Toolbar from your PC. To do this you have to press “Start” button on your computer, go to “Settings”, “Control Panel”, and then “Internet Options”. Just select the “Program Tab” in the internet options, and click on the option named “Reset Web Settings”. This will reset your internet explorer settings and now you can enjoy virus free surfing on the web.
  • You have to check your computer whether you have successfully removed this virus, or it still present in your computer. If you found that the virus is not completely removed, you have to repeat the process until all the suspicious files as well as registry entries removed successfully.
  • If you find that this process is too complicated for you to understand, you can also remove ABX Toolbar through the automatic ABX toolbar remover or software. These software programs are designed in a way that even novice users can delete this tricky spyware with extreme ease. Most of these software programs are easily available on the internet; however, it is highly advisable that if you are going to delete ABX toolbar through any automatic tool, make sure that you choose a reliable toolbar remover.
How to Remove ABX Toolbar?
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