Often our computer got infected with About Blank virus in which whenever you try to open your browser, the home page changed to “About Blank”. Removing this spyware manually can be less complicated for the new users. There are different methods available through which you can get rid of About Blank virus, but the thing is that, most of these methods are too complicated to understand.

The Ability of About Blank Virus

The About Blank Spyware is a stubborn type of virus that is extremely hard to remove. Keep in mind that the key to get rid of About Blank is remove them as quickly as possible as the longer you keep this worm in your PC, the harder is to remove it. It is true that the ability of this spyware is not more than an attempt to redirect them towards unwanted website or encouraging you to buy any unwanted antivirus programs, but the thing is that, it not only disturb your work on your PC, but it also occupies the resources of your computer, and resultantly, the speed of your PC got affected. Following is one of the relatively simple methods of removing About Blank virus from any PC.

Removing About Blank through System Restore

One of the simplest methods of removing About Blank spyware is through a system restore feature. Keep in mind that using system restores actually means bringing your computer back to the position of pre virus attack. You have to select a point where you need to revert the changes so that your installed programs do not affect. First of all you have to press the “Start” button, and select “Accessories” , if you look at there you can find “System Tool”, where you have to select the “System Restore”. Once you select system restore, you have to select Restore Computer at an Early Time”, and just press “Next” button. It will lead you towards    the screen where you have to specify the date where you want to reverse your system. The restore process takes some time, therefore, you have to show some patience. You have to restart your computer once the restore process completed. In case if you have issues with this method, try to repeat this process in the safe mode. You can run your PC in safe mode by just pressing F8 key while restarting your computer, and select “Safe Mode”.

It is true that you can get rid of About Blank spyware manually, but the more important solution for you is to protect your computer so that it will not be affected by this type of virus. There are various antivirus programs are available in the market that can provide maximum protection to your PC from About Blank, and other similar spyware programs. It is true that no antivirus software can guarantee you to protect your PC 100%, but if you choose a reliable, and powerful solution that provides comprehensive protection to your data and PC, you can live a virus free life.

How to Remove About Blank?
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