How to Remove Abotus ?

The Abotus is a computer virus that is written in Delphi, and distributed all over the world through internet.  The original file of this spyware is Windows PE.exe, and the size of that file is 18 KB. This spyware becomes active when the user clicks the attached file in an email. If the user does not click on the attached file, the virus will not be installed automatically. The Abotus is a non memory resident spyware that has the ability to scan the subdirectories, and alter the COM files available on your system. The basic purpose of developing this parasite is to respond all the emails available in the Outlook Inbox of the user. The arbutus comes under Trojan Spyware category.

Removing Abotus

First of all you have to stop all the Abotus processes running on your PC, and for this you have to open the windows task manager by pressing Ctrl+Altr+Del.  When you click on the processes tab, you will find Abotus files or processes running. You can end that process by right clicking it and select “End Process”. After that you have to click the start button on the bottom of your screen, choose “run” and type “regedit”. When you click “ok” you will find the registry editor opened. You have to locate the following registry key:-


Now you have to navigate towards the following directory to remove the infected files manually:-



Remove Following Registry Entries

The registry is the central hub of all the software installed on the hard drive of your computer; therefore, it is the place where you need to find and delete Abotus spyware. You have to find and delete the registry entries that are infected because of this dangerous spyware.

Often it happens that Abotus files are hidden in the Win.Ini files under the strings of “load” and “run”; therefore, you need to check that too. The original file or carrier of the Abotus spyware is saved in the temporary file folder of IE, which you need to clean in order to get rid of the dangerous Abotus virus. The abotus virus has the ability to occupy most of the system resources, and resultantly, your system slows down. It also used to generate frequent ads on the screen of your computer. Sometimes the arbutus spyware also caused damage important personal data, and sensitive system files; therefore. You need to learn how to get rid of this virus.


There are some excellent tools are available that remove abotus spyware completely and easily. You can get rid of this malicious windows program within just a few clicks of the mouse with the help of these automatic aborts remover tools or software. If the above mentioned instructions are too complicated for you, you can go and get one of these reliable abotus remover software.  While choosing an automatic tool to remove abotus spyware, it is important that you should select powerful software that has the ability to remove this virus completely.

How to Remove Abotus ?
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