A-Trojan virus is a type of spyware that infect your PC either by changing the settings of your desktop or removing important system files. It is also known as A-Torjan Horse, and it mostly appears as legitimate software from a trusted developer, due to which most users open and download this spyware without any hesitance. In order to protect your PC from this tricky virus, you must need to learn how to remove A-trojan virus.  Following are the instructions about how to get rid of A-trojan virus:-

  1. First of all you have to restart your computer, and install any reliable antivirus program. After that you have to open the antivirus program, and click on the “Disk View” option. You have to start Scan and Repair option in that antivirus program so that the A-trojan virus must be detected and removed successfully.
  2. Restart your computer and let the changes take place. Make sure that the A-Torjan threat is removed successfully.
  3. You need to disable the “System Restore” feature of your computer which you can do by pressing “Start” button on the bottom of your computer screen, and go in the properties of “My Computer”. You have to check the “Turn off System Restore” option, and then just press the “apply” button.
  4. You also need to update your antivirus program. You can do this by either updating your existing antivirus or downloading the latest version of that antivirus from the official website. By doing this, you can be protected from the latest threats, and you can control A-trojan virus in a better way.
  5. In order to detect the A-trojan on your PC, you need to run the scan on your computer. In this regard, you can follow the instructions mentioned on your antivirus program, and delete all the suspicious files available on your hard drive. After deleting all the Trojan infected files, you also need to edit the registry of your windows operating system.  To do this you have to again press the “Start” button, choose run, and write “regedit” in the box. This will take you the registry section of your computer where you can see and fix the registry issues infected by Trojan-A.
  6. Once you fix the registry issues, now it is time to restart your computer and check the changes you have made took place or not. If you feel that Trojan-A problem is resolved successfully, you have to turn on the “System restore” function by un-checking the “Turn off the System Restore” box. Click “Apply” to make sure that the system restored function is active.

Besides manual removal of Trojan-A, you can also remove this threat through automatic tools or software. Some of the users face difficulty in following these complicated instructions; therefore they can go to any reliable and powerful Trojan-A removal software. It is extremely important that you should remove trojan completely if you are doing it manually, otherwise it is recommended that you go for a removal software to get rid of Trojan-A.

How to Remove A-Trojan?
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