A-311 Death 1.02 is just a later version of old A-311 Death RAT spyware. The software is written in MASM language and the developer of this software is a Russian hacker. The purpose of A-311 Death 1.02 is to take the control of the computer of the user through remote access. This spyware can affect your Windows operating system negatively, besides that; you can also lose your most important information saved on the hard disc of your computer. This virus can hit your computer by opening an email, file, or sharing any resource. This normally installs a server on the computer that is attacked, and as a result, the activities of the victim can be monitored by the developers of this spyware.

Follow These Steps to Remove A-311 Death 1.02

  1. 1. End Processes

First of all you have to kill all the running processes related to A-311 Death 1.02. In order to do this you have to press CTRL+ALT+Del, and this will open the windows task manager window. Just press on the “Processes” tab, and find the A-311 Death 1.02 processes. Select each process one by one and click on the “End Process” button.

  1. Remove Registry Keys

After ending the processes, you also need to remove the registry keys related to A-311 Death 1.02. To do this you need to open the Windows registry editor for which you have to click on the start button, and press “Run”. Just type “regedit” in the run, and press “ok” to open the registry editor. You have to search for the registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareA-311 Death 1.02” . You can delete this registry key by right clicking it, and then select “Delete” option.

  1. 1. Unregistered Following DLL Files
  • systemroot+\system\pdx.dll
  1. Remove Following Files
  • systemroot+\system\cfgh.ini
  • systemroot+\system\pdx.dll
  • systemroot+\system\pdx32.sys
  • systemroot+\system\snowx.ini
  1. Just restart your system, and check whether the problem still exists on your PC or removed. If you feel that the problem of A-311 Death 1.02 is not removed completely, you can repeat the above mentioned process again to see whether some of the files are not deleted completely. Often it happens that if any part of the file left, the spyware has the ability to rebuild again; therefore, it is important that you remove A-311 Death 1.02 completely in order to get rid of this problem, and save your important personal data.

The A-311 Death 1.02 is a complicated spyware that not only affects your personal data, but it also has the ability to damage your sensitive system files. It becomes hard to delete this dangerous virus manually, and on your own; therefore, you can choose any automatic tool or software to get rid of A-311 Death 1.02 spyware. If you are going to choose any spyware removal software, make sure that it has the ability to remove the A-311 Death 1.02 completely, and also can restore your system files that are infected so that your PC start working as normal.

How to remove A-311 Death 1.02?
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