This is a type of malware that not only observe your internet activity, and transfer the data such as which websites you logged in to the developers. The developers then use this data for different purposes such as trap you in any fraud. The 2Search is an extremely dangerous malware for those who regularly doing online shopping. There are a number of automatic tools available to get rid of 2Search malware within a few minutes, but you can also remove 2Search manually. Followi9ng are a few simple steps that help you in removing this spyware manually:-

How to Remove 2Search Spyware Manually

First of all you have to close your internet explorer. Now you need to open your Dos command prompt from the “Accessories” by going into “Start”, and then “program” menu. In the command prompt you have to type the few commands that are as under

  • CD ”C:\Program Filesearch”
  • regsvr32/u plugin.dll
  • Del plugin.dll

After doing this you have to click the “Start” button again and select “Run” and type “regedit”, before opening the registry editor. Now you have to navigate towards following key:-

“Hkey Local Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run”

You can see on the right side various entries and you have to find and delete the entry” C:\Program Filessearch\svchost.exe”. Now just restart your computer and simply delete the folder “C:\Program Filessearch” along with all the contents available in that folder.  You have to open the host file which is available in the folder “%WinDir% \System32\drivers\etc”.  You also have to delete the following lines, or similar text in the following lines:-

  • iautosearch

After that you have to save the host file, and restart your computer. This will delete the dangerous 2Search virus completely.

Delete Following Files to Remove 2Search Completely

  • C:\Program Files\2Search\getst.exe
  • C:\Program Files\2Search\main.exe
  • C:\Program Files\2Search\plugin.dll
  • C:\Program Files\2Search\svchost.exe
  • %system%\007Guard.exe
  • %System%\2Searchinstaller.exe

2Search is a virus that is developed to monitor and transfer the browsing details of the user. The objective of the developers is to see the interests of the users, and advertise according to these habits and browsing interests. Often people trapped in this malware, but the important thing is that you must know how to get rid of this virus. No doubt that there are some automatic tools and software available to remove 2Search virus, but nothing is free. If you want to learn how to remove 2Search virus manually, you have to follow the above mentioned instructions completely. Often people do not follow complete instructions and as a result they are unable to avoid this problem. In some cases people just follow half instructions and as a result some part of the virus remains on the hard drive of your computer, and they have the ability to rebuild. It is extremely important that you should remove or replace all the infected files as soon as you feel that 2Search is installed on your PC. After removing this virus, you will find that you can browse on the internet freely, and without any kind of potential threat.

How to Remove 2Search?
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