The 2nd-Thought is a virus that hijacks your browser, and automatically resets the home page of your browser. It has the ability to redirect your searches towards porn websites. Once your computer got infected by 2nd-thought, it becomes hard to recover, and reset your home page. The virus has also ability to open the pop-up windows automatically. The spyware is developed in a way that it remains hidden from the user, and easily changes the browser settings.

There are some automatic tools available to remove the 2nd-thought virus, but you can also remove it manually. The process of removing 2nd-thought manually is not only complicated, but it also needs to access, and edit the sensitive system files in the windows registry of your computer, which can destroy your operating system as well as system if anything goes wrong. You also have to keep in mind that removes this dangerous spyware completely because if any files left on your computer, it has the ability to rebuild itself.

How to Remove 2nd-thought Manually

First of all you have to stop the 2nd-thought processes that are running in the memory of your computer. You can use “Task Manager” to end all processes, and you can start task manager by pressing CLT+ALT+DELETE. When you see more than one tab opened in the task manager click on these tabs one by one and click “End Process” button. Repeat this for all the processes that you want to end.

How To Delete Registry Values

First of all you have to open the registry editor of the windows operating system for which you have to press “Start” button on the bottom left of your screen, and then click “Run”. Type “regedit” in the box that appears when you click on “run”, and then click “ok”. This will open the registry editor, and now you need to navigate towards the registry key you want to delete registry tree. Once you find that key that needed to be removed, you have to highlight that key, and press “Delete” button.

Delete Following Registry Values

  • {34EF5B1C-52CB-400b-8B7C-F787018B3826} STC
  • {3E7145B1-EA07-42CE-9299-11DF39FF54BD}
  • Software\Microsoft\Code Store Database\Distribution\{13197ACE-6851-45C3-A7FF-C281324D5489}

How to Unregister DLL

First of all you have to find that DLL file which is needed to be un-register. After that, you should open a command prompt window which you can open by clicking the “Start” button, and selecting “Run”. Type “cmd” and click “Ok”. After that, you have to type (regsvr32/u “name of the dll file that needed to be deleted”)

Following Libraries needed to be unregistered

  • 2ndsrch.dll

Following File Entries Needed to be Deleted

  • Stcloader
  • STC.exe

Removing 2nd-thought malware manually is complicated, but not impossible. Once you go through the above mentioned process, you will feel comfortable to get rid of this spyware. All the above mentioned instructions are needed to be followed strictly in order to get the desired results. You can also use automatic 2nd-thought removing tools, but most of these tools are not available for free.

How to remove 2nd-Thought?
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