The 2-Seek toolbar is a type of spyware that install malicious files on the hard disc with the name of (*.*). After that it creates a new startup key for your computer with the name of the 2-Seek toolbar. If you check your processes, you will find these files with the name of the 2-Seek toolbar or (*. *). This spyware works like browser helper object, and it works with the web browser files on your PC. When the 2-Seek toolbar files saved into the Internet Explorer files it often displays pop ups, and unwanted ads on your PC, and it also causes “Denial of Service” error within the Internet Explorer.  The 2-Seek toolbar virus can affect various versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, and Windows 9x.


Adware is a type of program in which different ads displayed on the screen of your computer automatically, and often it disturbs your tasks. These pop-up windows displayed because the developers have included the additional code. Some of these adware has the ability to track and store personal information about the user. The 2-Seek toolbar is a type of adware which has the capability of storing the personal information, and it also allows remote influence. It can also track the browsing history of the users so that targeted ads can be displayed on the screen for that particular user. They track the browsing history with the help of cookies as well as through installing applications.


Removing the 2-Seek Toolbar Threat

There are various software are available that can help you to get rid of 2-Seek toolbar virus, but you can also remove this spyware manually. You have to delete the registry keys as well as other files that are affected because of 2-Seek toolbar spyware. You also need to remove this from your startup, and immediately unregister the connected DLL files. If there are any DLL files got affected because of this spyware, you need to restore all such DLLs. You have to delete the infected folders, files and processes, but make sure that you only delete the infected data.


Delete Following Registry Entries

  • Key: Toolbar
  • Key: Software\Microsoft\code store database\Distribution Units\{6634021A\36CA-4A1C-9285-C3AF48413582}
  • Key: CLSID\{6634021a-36ca-4a1c9285-c3af48413582}
  • Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall\ Toolbar Sample


You may not be able to find all of such registry entries, but some of these entries are installed along with 2-Seek. Only delete the entries that are visible on your hard disc. The characteristics of 2-Seek toolbar adware programs are just similar to other adware. This toolbar often downloaded on any computer through active-x controls. This program works within the Internet Explorer browser, and allow users to perform internet searches through the 2-Seek targeted search engine. It generates pop-ups, and pop-under to display various ads. The 2-Seek toolbar has also got the ability to change the settings of your browser. The developers of this dangerous adware application are 2-Seek, who develops many other similar toolbar applications. The 2-Seek toolbar can cause a severe threat to the users.

How to Remove 2-Seek?

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