123 Mania is a type of adware that is installed on your PC when you try to visit some websites. They developers have use to attract the people on the name of free music or free software. The purpose of this adware is to steal the financial information about the user. When you try to install the free music, or a free wallpaper, the additional code also saved on the hard disc of your PC. This adware is not always successful to collect your personal information, but sometimes it does. Users need to check the reliability of the publisher through privacy policy and terms of use before downloading any free applications.

The 123 Mania is started from Spain, and it has the ability to change the settings of your browser. The operation of 123 Mania is a bit different from other spyware as it creates a new startup key as soon as it copies the files on your PC through any attractive advertisement. These files are mostly saved as 123 mania, and xxtoolbar.exe. Removing 123 mania is absolutely legal, and there are laws available that permits you to delete all such software that can change the settings of your internet browser without letting you know.

Removing the 123 Mania

There are some 123 mania cleaning tools available in the market, but you can also do it manually. You need to delete all the files including registry keys that are related to 123 mania files. If some DLL files are corrupted because of 123 mania, you need to repair or reinstall all such DLL files. Following are a few steps that you need to complete in order to get rid of the dangerous 123 mania adware.

  1. 1. End the Following Processes along with Related Files
  • sipspi32.dll
  • gidcai32 [1]. cab
  • msapasrc.dll
  • gidcai32.dll
  • Mshtmpre. Inf
  • sipspi32 [1]. cab
  • Mshtmpre. Inf

  1. 2. Delete Following Folders as it Contains Malicious Files
  • %system%\
  • %windows%\downloaded program files\
  • %profile%\local settings\temporary internet files\content.ie5\vkeuy7vd\
  • %profile%\local settings\temporary internet files\content.ie5\b2754oeo\

  1. 3. Following Registry Entries are also Needed to be Removed
  • Key: CLSID\{15651C7C-E812-44a2-A9AC-B467A2233E7D}
  • Key: CLSID\{15651C7C-E812-44a2-A9AC-B467A2233E7D}\ProgID
  • Key: CLSID\{15651C7C-E812-44a2-A9AC-B467A2233E7D}\InprocServer32
    Value: ThreadingModel
  • Key: TypeLib\{B8F9DD56-4FFA-47B0-B9D7-42F45A752F4E}\1.0\0\win32
  • Key: TypeLib\{B8F9DD56-4FFA-47B0-B9D7-42F45A752F4E}\1.0\HELPDIR
  • Key: Interface\{34DCDBDB-60EF-4281-92C6-68C299AAB8E5}
  • Key: Interface\{34DCDBDB-60EF-4281-92C6-68C299AAB8E5}\ProxyStubClsid
  • Key: Bho1.html.1\CLSID
  • Key: CLSID\{9C5B2F29-1F46-4639-A6B4-828942301D3E}
  • Key: CLSID\{9C5B2F29-1F46-4639-A6B4-828942301D3E}\ProgID
  • Key: CLSID\{9C5B2F29-1F46-4639-A6B4-828942301D3E}\VersionIndependentProgID
  • Key: CLSID\{9C5B2F29-1F46-4639-A6B4-828942301D3E}\InprocServer32
    Value: ThreadingModel
  • Key: CLSID\{15651C7C-E812-44a2-A9AC-B467A2233E7D}\TypeLib
  • Key: AutoSearch1.BHOsrc.1\CLSID
  • Key: CLSID\{622CC208-B014-4FE0-801B-874A5E5E403A}
  • Key: CLSID\{622CC208-B014-4FE0-801B-874A5E5E403A}\ProgID
  • Key: CLSID\{622CC208-B014-4FE0-801B-874A5E5E403A}\VersionIndependentProgID
  • Key: CLSID\{622CC208-B014-4FE0-801B-874A5E5E403A}\InprocServer32
    Value: ThreadingModel
  • Key: CLSID\{622CC208-B014-4FE0-801B-874A5E5E403A}\TypeLib
  • Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{622CC208-B014-4FE0-801B-874A5E5E403A}
  • Key: CLSID\{9C5B2F29-1F46-4639-A6B4-828942301D3E}\TypeLib
  • Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{9C5B2F29-1F46-4639-A6B4-828942301D3E}
  • Key: TypeLib\{E9A45914-275E-4866-BB75-5D65CBC3F311}\1.0
  • Key: TypeLib\{E9A45914-275E-4866-BB75-5D65CBC3F311}\1.0\FLAGS
  • Key: AutoSearch1.SrchHook.1
  • Key: AutoSearch1.SrchHook
  • Key: AutoSearch1.SrchHook\CLSID
  • Key: AutoSearch1.SrchHook\CurVer
  • Key: AutoSearch1.BHOsrc.1
  • Key: AutoSearch1.BHOsrc
  • Key: AutoSearch1.BHOsrc\CLSID
  • Key: AutoSearch1.BHOsrc\CurVer
  • Key: Interface\{34DCDBDB-60EF-4281-92C6-68C299AAB8E5}\ProxyStubClsid32
  • Key: Interface\{34DCDBDB-60EF-4281-92C6-68C299AAB8E5}\TypeLib
    Value: Version
  • Key: Interface\{16F6A635-09F8-44E6-953E-81D037647255}
  • Key: software\microsoft\internet explorerinternet0%\URLSearchHooks
    Value: {15651C7C-E812-44a2-A9AC-B467A2233E7D}
  • Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
    Value: LoadHTML
  • Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
    Value: LoadSIPS
  • Key: Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\URLSearchHooks
    Value: {15651C7C-E812-44a2-A9AC-B467A2233E7D}
  • Key:Software\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\TrustedPublisher\Certificates\2C5ECEB3D45147EB99FA51120E7C7ADEBE213DE6
    Value: Blob
  • Key:Software\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\TrustedPublisher\Certificates\A6A50B0EBF885A7DD4FB6927F1388592138FFFE6
    Value: Blob
  • Key:Software\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\TrustedPublisher\Certificates\20D44373D4925635CD6B8242090010D8C942C65E
    Value: Blob
How to Remove 123 Mania?
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