“Police Central e-crime Unit” ransomware is dangerous Trojan that cheats on you by showing fake messages from police central e-crime unit security agencies. This asks you to give some money for recovering the passwords of your system or asks to visit some websites for further solution. These both cases are fake and false. You would not get any help from these options, although you would damage your computer even badly.

These rogue malware is normally downloaded and installed through some media files or updates of your adobe flash files or java updates. These Trojans can also download automatically when you visit some faulty sites like games site, videos and other entertainment sites. “Police Central e-crime Unit” ransomware exploits your security loop holes in your computer and thus installs on your system without seeking your permission. This way you lose you control on your system. This “Police Central e-crime Unit” ransomware will create a back door to its original creator / hackers that will be monitoring the things at remote site. I will change the explorer and network settings and every time shows you many different types of security and other illegal activity alerts.

You need to remove this “Police Central e-crime Unit” ransomware as soon as possible to restore your system to its original position and to secure you data on the system. “Police Central e-crime Unit” ransomware also stops the security application installed on your system and thus you would be able to scan your computer or update your security software or spyware. Thus, you need to opt for manual removal of this Trojan from your computer. A stepwise procedure for removing “Police Central e-crime Unit” ransomware Trojan from your computer is given below.

Manual Procedure to Remove “Police Central e-crime Unit” ransomware

You can remove “Police Central e-crime Unit” ransomware by following stepwise procedure easily and effectively.

  • Normally this software does not get removed in normal mode of Window operating mode there for you need to start your computer in safe mode.
  • Restart you computer → Hit F8 while your computer starts rebooting → Select Safe Mode from windows OS option interface by shifting arrow up or down → Hit Return
  • Now computer starts in safe mode of operating system.
  • Hit ALT+CTR+DEL → Select Process → Choose many suspected names [random].exe processes → Right click and choose ‘End Process’
  • You need to remove registry keys from your computer once you stopped all suspected processes.
  • Click Start → Run → type ‘regedit’ → Strike Return
  • Choose HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\
  • Remove entire folder and files under [Winlogon\] folder manually.
  • Now you need to choose many types of files and folder pertaining to “Police Central e-crime Unit” ransomware Trojan virus from your computer by searching manually.
  • You can click on start → Search and then inputting all suspected files that create “Police Central e-crime Unit” ransomware existence on your system.
  • Remove them one by one and then recheck and verify.
  • You are done!

This activity is an advance level activity and needs expert level of knowledge to do the same otherwise your system may get unstable.

How to Remove “Police Central e-crime Unit” ransomware Trojan Manually?
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