AVG Anti Spyware

AVG has long been a respected name in the antivirus and anti spyware world. The company has created tools to provide efficient scanning for virus, spyware, malware and other problems that could come along. AVG Anti Spyware is a part of the suite of software available through the company. It can be purchased individually or it can be purchased as a part of the whole suite. AVG Anti Spyware includes a number of features that are designed to provide overall protection and prevention against malware. For example, the software will not use a large amount of computer resources since it can be left running in the background. Additionally, AVG Anti Spyware can be used to scan and protect against a number of different malware issues.

The main reason that people choose AVG anti spyware for their own computer would be reputation. AVG continues to be a front runner in the computer protection business. However, there are features and positives to choosing the software other than its name. AVG Anti Spyware does not just locate malware. It can also prevent malware from downloading and it can destroy any issues that have already made their way to the computer.


There are a number of features to consider in AVG Anti Spyware. These features provide for a full service malware option that will scan, locate, and destroy spyware and a number of other types of malware that could attack a computer. Features of the software include the following:

  • Scanning and destroying spyware, adware, Trojans and back door viruses
  • Removal of any suspicious roots, key loggers, and files
  • Use of a vault to allow users to determine if the suspicious item is truly malware
  • Separate root kit scanning
  • Real time browser scanning for pop ups and phishing sites
  • Email scanning
  • Automatic updates
  • 24-hour tech support

Unique Features

There is one main unique characteristic of AVG Anti Spyware. That would be the fact that it can run in the background. In other words, even when the software is not actually scanning, it is still protecting the computer from attacks. The background running process will protect Internet browsing in real time against pop ups and phishing. Additionally, the background program will prevent suspicious software from being downloaded to the computer. AVG Anti Spyware running in the background will not take up too many resources, but it will go a long way to provide real time protection and prevention against malware attacks from many different sources.

A few things to note that could be considered an issue would be the following. AVG Anti Spyware is relatively slow when compared to other spyware and malware scanners. On average, a scan will take one to two hours to complete. Other issues would be that the interface can be a little confusing. For example, the root kit scanner is not a part of the main scanner. Instead, it must be run separately and the user will have to remember to do so.

Ease of Use

In some ways, AVG Anti Spyware is very easy to use. The interface is a step by step process that allows even beginners to start scans and schedule them as well. Overall, a beginner should have no problem making use of the software. However, some people may find parts of the interface a little confusing and hard to use.


On name alone, AVG Anti Spyware is popular. However, the software lives up to the name as well. Offering a good quality overall malware scanner, AVG Anti Spyware also provides helpful tools like background scanning. The software will prevent new problems from making their way onto the computer and will both scan and destroy any old malware problems.

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