aluria spyware eliminator review

The most comprehensive spyware detection and elimination program available, Spyware Eliminator has been featured in the New York Times and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies for spyware protection. Deployed in over 35 million households, Spyware Eliminator is the most dependable spyware remover in the market. Aluria’s Spyware Eliminator excels when it comes to detecting sneaky spyware and adware. It not only detects and removes Spyware, Adware and Keyloggers from your computer, but also actively blocks Spyware and Adware when your computer is under assault.

It scans your computer, inspecting against its comprehensive database of thousands of known spyware threats to identify spyware installed on your system. Unlike other applications that only scan for known filenames in known locations, Aluria Spyware Eliminator finds spyware by identifying unique characteristics of the application. Within minutes, Aluria spyware removal technology detects and removes malicious spyware and annoying adware that can spoil your Internet experience and deplete your system resources, thereby providing immediate and lasting protection.

Wrapped in a Mac-style interface, Spyware Eliminator can be set to perform automatic scans on a regular basis, or the user can prompt a scan manually. It cleans out computer usage history that someone snooping around on your computer might use to piece together your computing activity. It can detect and remove stubborn, self-regenerating adware and spyware cleverly hidden deep inside program files-including a nasty, sex-dialer program and a pair of redundant adware files skilled at regenerating their partner file once deleted. Unlike most of the free spyware detectors that are so popular, it also detects and removes true surveillance spyware and keyloggers such as Spectorsoft’s e-blaster and Spector Pro.

Aluria updates their extensive spyware database often. You receive automatic updates so that your scanner stays in peak condition effortlessly. The scan results show you a vivid description of all the garbage your computer has naively collected before you began using anti-spyware software. These are easy to read. After you’ve eliminated the spyware, the program will alert you to suspicious download attempts. There are several different customization tools you can take advantage of with Spyware Eliminator. You can prevent your Internet browser from downloading Active X controls (small web-enabled applications that can be dangerous). You can also block suspicious IP ranges from sources you don’t trust.

Spyware Eliminator is one of the few products that offer’s toll-free telephone support. Support is also available via email. Aluria also has a “How-To” section built into their product, with graphics. And Spyware Eliminator gives an unprecedented 90-day, no questions, money-back guarantee.

Don’t become a victim. With Spyware Eliminator you have the control.
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