Ad Aware SE Review

Ad Aware SE is another malware scanner that has a reputation for being a helpful tool in protecting computers from the millions of malware options just waiting to attack. Overall, Ad Aware SE is a useful tool that can scan and prevent malware of all types, including viruses. The software is designed especially for prevention, and it is not as efficient at cleaning up severely infected computers. Ad Aware SE is a combination program, which is different from many options. Instead of having to purchase both a spyware scanner and a virus scanner, the user will be able to purchase this one software program and have access to all of the scanning in one.

Ad Aware has a number of qualities to note, such as the fact that it can run without using very many of the computer’s resources at all. This will make it easy for the software to run while the computer is being used for other things without slowing down.


Ad Aware is a very useful detecting tool and it is designed to detect widespread malware specifically. While the name would indicate that this software is designed to prevent mainly adware, this is not just the case. In fact, the software is good at detecting all sorts of malware, even hidden infections. Features of Ad Aware SE include the following:

  • Scanning and prevention of spyware, adware, and other types of malware
  • Real time updating and scanning to stop malware as it is being downloaded
  • Registry monitoring, scanning, and protection
  • Stealth infection scanning and blocking
  • A selection of scanning modes, including full screen and “do not disturb”
  • Scan scheduler that allows full control over what scans are scheduled and when
  • Full technical support through email
  • Automatic updates
  • Available for a number of browsers including Internet Explorer and Firefox

Ad Aware SE is one of the slower scanners and is actually faulted for its long scanning time. However, since a scan does not take up any resources, the computer can be scanned at any time of the day no matter how the computer is being used. Another concern would be that the software is that it is not as good at healing severely damaged and infected computers. However, as a prevention method, the software excels.

Unique Characteristics

The most unique characteristic of Ad Aware SE would be its plethora of background scanning options. When set to gaming mode or “do not disturb” mode, the software will use little to zero resources and will not interrupt the user. This allows protection of the computer without interrupting work, gaming, or movie watching.

Ease of Use

Because Ad Aware SE is designed for beginners and those who do not have a great deal of computer knowledge, the software is quite easy to use. It allows for very basic scanning and scheduling or those who do not wish to take a hands on approach to the software. However, Ad Aware SE does include a number of advanced options so that users can have more control over their computer and the spyware scanning options. Tech support is not as available as one may wish since it is only offered via email, which could be a hindrance to the ease of use for those who have questions about the software.


Ad Aware SE is a straightforward, all around malware scanner that is especially useful for prevention of future problems. While not as useful for cleaning up existing problems, the software does do a good job at detection and prevention of almost any type of malware that could attack. Ad Aware SE does not use very many resources, but it can also be a bit slow in scanning.

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